Tuesday, May 31, 2011

America's Got Talent

Today I did nothing!! It felt great but strange at the same time and being that I have no TV at home, let alone cable TV, I've been catching up on horrible TV commercials and train wreck reality shows. So after watching hours of crazy women from all over the US aurgeing and detective Stabler and Benson kicking ass I watched America's Got Talent for the FIRST time.
Of course I laughed at all the "untalented" and the guy that fell off stage. OMG that was awesome lol he did a cart wheel right off the stage!
Over all it was your typical monkey talent show. Some were good others... not... so much.
Hopefully I get a good nights sleep tonight so I can have more adventurous and fun First to blog about and go to the gym!
Thank you for reading! I promise funner post will come!
Thank you for reading!!

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