Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Madagascar and Butterflies

Today I went back to the Bronx Zoo with the kids and saw two exhibits I have never seen before. Like I said before the Bronx Zoo is huge and has lots to do.
Today I went to the Madagascar exhibit for the first time. The exhibit was actually really nice, hands on, and very informative.
We saw lemurs in action! They are really really good jumper and they quick. I can remember watching Zaboomafoo with my little brother and it made me miss him :'(
The kids really like them as well. Then we saw a Nile Crocodile and those guys are HUGE! like really massive. We kept going through the exhibit and saw different varieties of lemurs that weren't as active as the first and we also saw turtle and a Foosa, which I didn't even know was a real animal I remember hearing it in The Lion King or something...lol.
The cool thing about all these animals is that they are native to Madagascar, which if you didn't know is a small island off of the East cost of Africa that has rare animals that are only found there.
After we left the Madagascar exhibit we went over to the butterfly exhibit.
For sometime now I have been wanting to take the kids to a temporary exhibit about butterflies at the AMNH however the price is a bit steep, even with the discount, so I haven't been able to. When I heard the Bronx Zoo had a butterfly exhibit free for members I was excited and decided to take them. Let me start off by saying I'm REALLY glad I didn't pay to take them to the AMNH one because they FREAKED OUT! I thought my daughter would have really liked it since she always talking about pretty butterflies and all this but Nope she freaked! lol. She actually asked me: "Why did yo bring me here!? I want to get out of here!" After I expressed to them that I wasn't leaving because I, unlike them, was really enjoying all the free flying butterflies, I could've done with out the birds though. They finally calmed down a bit and began to look around and let me look around too. Then we was a Koi fish pond with the biggest Koi fish I have ever seen.
My first for today were nice and reminded me that I want to try and do a commitment with a wild life conservation society after graduating college.
Trying something for the first time everyday is really teaching me about myself and getting me into new things I never knew interested me so much They are also a great way to explore the city and get to know parts I would have never ventured to otherwise.
Butterfly eating a cantaloupe

Peacocks beautiful tail
Once again thank you for reading. I'm still working on my YouTube channel so check back for a link and don't forget my other blog about my teen mom experiences :)

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