Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 29th: Baruch ORIENTATION!!!!

So yesterdays First was another important milestone in my life!! I know I sound dramatic but the dean if the School of Public Affairs got me PUMPED! Lol. If I graduate talking like him I could own the world ;)
Yesterday was my First time going to a college orientation. I'm not going to lie at first I was a bit overwhelmed and intimidated but after sometime I was just PUMPED!Like ready to go to school right then and there lol
Upon arriving at the orientation they had some breakfast things and I had some because I was starving and had some horrendous coconut water on the way to the orientation. I mean I've had coconut water several times before and NEVER had disgusting coconut water. Thank GOD there was a Duane Reade before the school and I was able to get some much needed VitaCoco water.
Any how but to orientation after we had the presidents of a couple clubs speak and some man that I really should remember who he was (oops) we were off to the most important part, credit transfer evaluations!!!
I was so nervous to get mine especially after the two people next to me were shocked and not too happy with theirs and because I was the last in the room to get theirs. However I almost peed on myself when I saw that 51 credits transferred and that I got credit for a business class that I took in my previous school!!
After signing up for a few classes and leaving, on cloud nine by the way, I went over to the Baruch health center to get one of my mandatory shots in order to attend school.
This was my second First of the day: going to the Baruch health center. I took my shot like a big girl and was on my way home. All smiles.

Total First for June 29th: 2 major ones!!

I have this wonderful *sarcasm* tendency to STRESS and WORRY, if you haven't already noticed, about everything especially my future. So the fact that orientation went AMAZING was a great relief to me. I am now ready to start school and stop letting STRESS get to me so much. Its quite unhealthy! lol
Over all the Baruch orientation went very well and I asked some many questions one of the students helping probably wanted to run away every time she saw me coming :) But she didn't and she was a great help!
Thank you for reading !

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