Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15th: Cantu, Chillers, Chico's and Tazzers

Yesterday I finally used the Cantu leave in hair conditioner/ moisturizer and at first I was a bit let down, but after I re-used it to get ready to go out I like it!! When I initially used the Cantu hair product earlier in the day I didn't really follow the directions and just put it in my dry, dry hair and it worked but then when I was geting ready to go out I re-wet my hair and re-applied and it made a WORLD of a difference.
Over all the product worked well IF and follow the directions. Using the Cantu hair product was the FIRST FIRST of the day.

Hair earlier in the day with the Cantu product
My sister, some friends and I went downtown last night to Chillers for dollar drinks and this would be another First for me, going to Chillers, so I was looking forward to it. HOWEVER, unfortunately for some reason a friend bought a friend that was under 21.... ask me why... I don't know. And they FAILED to mention it until we had already PAID and got stamped to go inside Chillers. So we had to turn right back around and leave but thankfully the front door people were really nice and gave us our money back. Being that we were in downtown an you have to be 21 to get into any where I suggested going to a resturant instead so people could get a drink if they wanted and just hang out.
I really wanted to go to Gringos because I haven't been there after all of their renovations but we went to Chico's instead. I had never been to Chicos before and was excited to try a new place and have another FIRST! Going to Chico's bought my total of First to this point to 3, if you count Chiller's.
At Chico's I decided to keep with my string of First and tried a Blue Moon beer for the First time! I liked it and will definetly drink it again. Blue Moon brings my total to 4! Then I ordered a Pacifico which I have never heard of and will not try again. I wasn't bad I just don't really like light beer.

My FIRST Blue Moon
Check out those CURLS!

My FIRST Pacifico

Then as we were leaving downtown I'm not sure what this guy and his friends did but long story short he came up to the car asking for a ride then I heard some girl yelling, then police lights, people running and then he ran away from the police, well actually away towards them, and then he got tazzed.
This bought my total of First to 6! Seeing someone get tazzed.
Total First for June 15th: 6!
  • Using Cantu hair product
  • "Going" to Chillers
  • Going to Chico's
  • Trying Blue Moon Beer
  • Trying Pacifico
  • Seeing someone get tazzed
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