Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bacon Brownie!

I have seen for a while now on cooking shows and The Food Network people putting bacon on cupcakes and such. I have never tried this before and since I had no first for the day, yet, I decided that I would take one of the brownies my sister made with the kids and try it with bacon on top.
Whenever I saw bacon on pastries and other deserts I always thought it looked really good so I was excited about my new First!
Once the brownies were done I cooked some bacon and just laid it on top of the brownie and took a bite. It was actually pretty good but I think that I would like to try it again with a more "well put together" treat instead of just throwing bacon on a brownie..lol

Bacon Brownie

My sister was completely digusted and told me she was shocked that I actually tried a brownie with bacon on top since I'm always houdning her and other's for their food choices. In her words I was: "EATING PIG LARD AND CHOCOLATE YOU"RE GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK!" and yes she really did yell at me..lol.
I did feel that my heart was going to stop after eating the brownie bacon but will definetly give it another go!
I know I look wild just look at the brownie lol

Total First for today June 14th: 1!
  • Bacon Brownie

I stil haven't tried my Cantu Hair Product but will tomorrow and blog about it.
Thank you for reading and remember I'm open to all and any suggestions!! *.*

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