Thursday, June 30, 2011

High Line part 2 and Rainbow city

I'm sorry I haven't posted any picture recently but my computer is being very insubordinate and has its mine of it own, therefore I have not been able to upload them and post them but they are coming :)

**UPDATED with pictures**
Todays First was going to the second part of High Line. The second part opened in June while I was in Florida. The first thing I noticed was that the second section is LONG!! As expected the marriage between agriculture, architecture and uniqueness was executed wonderfully. The High Line is a such a unique place to be and I always enjoy going there. Today was also my first time playing in their "human bird bath"as I like to call it lol. But it really is a really cool water feature that lets you take your shoes off and just relax in it.
At the end of the second section there is a temporary exhibit called Rainbow City that my daughter an I checked out for, as you guessed, the First time. The exhibit is originally from Miami artist and is a inflated ballon type things.... to be honest I am not giving the exhibit a good describtion so I'm just going to include the link lol 
After playing around the exhibit and and letting my daughter jump in the bounce house we were home bound, on account of the sun kicked our butts. lol 
Sorry I have no pictures today but I will upload them whenever my computer decides to be nice.
(I'm currently on my dad's Mac which I love by the way)
Total First for today:2!
  • Section 2 of High Line 
  • Rainbow City

I love NYC

Rainbow City
Thank you for reading! and Please suggest anything I would like to have some suggestions :)

June 29th: Baruch ORIENTATION!!!!

So yesterdays First was another important milestone in my life!! I know I sound dramatic but the dean if the School of Public Affairs got me PUMPED! Lol. If I graduate talking like him I could own the world ;)
Yesterday was my First time going to a college orientation. I'm not going to lie at first I was a bit overwhelmed and intimidated but after sometime I was just PUMPED!Like ready to go to school right then and there lol
Upon arriving at the orientation they had some breakfast things and I had some because I was starving and had some horrendous coconut water on the way to the orientation. I mean I've had coconut water several times before and NEVER had disgusting coconut water. Thank GOD there was a Duane Reade before the school and I was able to get some much needed VitaCoco water.
Any how but to orientation after we had the presidents of a couple clubs speak and some man that I really should remember who he was (oops) we were off to the most important part, credit transfer evaluations!!!
I was so nervous to get mine especially after the two people next to me were shocked and not too happy with theirs and because I was the last in the room to get theirs. However I almost peed on myself when I saw that 51 credits transferred and that I got credit for a business class that I took in my previous school!!
After signing up for a few classes and leaving, on cloud nine by the way, I went over to the Baruch health center to get one of my mandatory shots in order to attend school.
This was my second First of the day: going to the Baruch health center. I took my shot like a big girl and was on my way home. All smiles.

Total First for June 29th: 2 major ones!!

I have this wonderful *sarcasm* tendency to STRESS and WORRY, if you haven't already noticed, about everything especially my future. So the fact that orientation went AMAZING was a great relief to me. I am now ready to start school and stop letting STRESS get to me so much. Its quite unhealthy! lol
Over all the Baruch orientation went very well and I asked some many questions one of the students helping probably wanted to run away every time she saw me coming :) But she didn't and she was a great help!
Thank you for reading !

June 28th: No Daily Show:( I drank lol

*updated with photo*
Yup what was supposed to be a very enthusiastic post about attending a live taping on The Daily Show is actually "normal" post lol.
The story goes I was running a bit late to the taping once I got off the subway I RAN to the studio so at this point my hair was a mess, my feet hurt, I was sweaty and out of breath when the bouncer basically told me: " Sorry 'bout'cha". I was as you can guess devastated so I sat in Dewitt Clinton park, which was the First I had been there, and sulked.  Lol
After a few minutes of pity I text my friend and asked her if she wanted to go get a drink and of course being a great friend and understanding my frail state she agreed lol.
I met her at her job which was right around the corner and we went uptown to Asia Kan, which resulted in my second First of the day!
While there I decided to get a Sapporo since I've never had one before. My third First of the day :)
After a little chatting we got our food which was an Indian Pancake with curry sauce. My fourth First of the day :)

My beer :)
The pancake was really good!
And so in conclusion my sad state of not attending the Daily Show taping was soon forgotten once I had a cold one and good company :)
Total First of June 28th: FOUR!!
And this day was especially good because I had a long time coming epiphany !:)
Thank you for reading!
Sorry my computer has been acting like itself lately so that's why my post have been delayed.

June 27th: Bronx Congo

**Updated with pictures**
Yesterday's First was visiting the Bronx Zoo's Gorilla compound.
The compound was really nice and was walk through exhibit of the African Congo. Inside the there were animals from Africa that are endangered and might not be around in a number of years if nothing is done to help the conservation efforts. I really enjoy taking my daughter to the zoo and museums because she ask me to go and because when we are there she ask numerous questions which lets me know that she's engaged and interested in learning.
Once inside, the walk though exhibit we saw several different animals and even got to see a Mandrill up close thanks to a guy that had on a monkey mask. When the Mandrill saw the mask he decided to get off from his tree and come check out the "monkey" closer.

After walking through a bit more I saw that there was a theatre in the exhibit and decided to check it out. Once inside at first look I was wondering why there was a projector screen instead of a "real" movie theatre screen but I let it go and watched the film. The film was about the continuous conservation efforts in the African Congo and how although the efforts make an impact it is the responsibility of the entire human race to help in any way possible. As I was watching the film I got the animal activist feeling all over again and when I got home I actually looked up jobs through the Wildlife Conservation Society. After the film was over the screen rolled up and the black curtain behind it moved to the side and you had a panoramic view of the Gorilla compound. It was gorgeous. When you walked out of the theatre you got to see more of the compound and the Gorillas were quite a joy to watch. One in particular was running around and taunting, poking and even jumping on the others that were trying to relax or eat. It was especially funny to see him run away, while pounding his chest, from the large male that he bugged some much that he actually got up and made like he was going to run after him. After the others ignored him he came down to the glass the began to bang on it. My daughter and I were both very entertained and stayed for a while just to watch them interact with one another. I liked how calm and easy going they looked.
Total First for  June 27th: 1!

  • Bronx Zoo Gorilla Compound

The enterance to the Compound

One of the Gorillas in the compound

"Monkey Man" and the Mandrill
Thank you for reading!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Freshly Ground and Shake Shack

Today was a LOVELY day and a great day to go to Central Park since getting back home from my Florida vacation. The weather was like epic good :)
My daughter an I went down to Central Park to check out the Summer Stage and just relax a bit. This morning I saw on Twitter that the theme for today was African music and really wanted to check it out an I remember my father taking me to Summer Stage when I used to live here. When we arrived my daughter was a great sport and navigated the crowd perfectly and after we heard this women with a wonderful voice sing the MC came on and said that Freshly Ground would be next and the crowd went nuts. I'm not even going to lie I have never heard of Freshly Ground before but figured that if the band was getting such a rise out of the crowd and they weren't even on stage then I was going to stay and check them out and after listening to them I see why the crowd was so pumped.
So this was my First for the day: Hearing and seeing Freshly Ground in concert!

Freshly Ground

Again :)
Their music is really message driven, positive and a reminder of what REAL music is. The band all around is talented and they use all types of insturments. When you hear their music it just makes you want to move :)
My daughter soon told me she was hungry and I agreed so we had to leave :( but I'm glad that we went :)
After we left I met up with a good friend of mine, Shanika, and we all walked together to a place to get a bite to eat. After saying no to every menu I looked at on Columbus I decided that we would just got to Shake Shack. Another First for the day: Going to Shake Shack.
I have seen Shake Shack before but never ate there even though I heard that they had great burgers so I was kinda excited to check it out. I ordered a double cheeseburger and when I got it the I noticed the burger was MASSIVE and after taking a bite I realized it was delicious! The burger tasted like a burger and even the fries, I don't do fries, were really good as well.

They're so busy they have a pager that tells you when your burger is ready

My double burger.
You can't even see the bun lol
Once again another great day! With great company in a wonderful city:)
Total First for today:2!

  • Seeing Freshly Ground in concert 
  • Going to Shake Shack
Thank you for reading! :)

June 25th : Barreto Park

My First for yesterday was going to Barreto Park in Hunts Point in the Bronx. While I was looking for a First the night before I found the out that there was going to be a Summer Festival at Barreto State Park after the annual Fish Parade complete with Native American drumming circle and to top it all off it was FREE! Being that I have never seen the Fish Parade or have ever been to Barreto Park I decided to go.
Unfortunately I did leave the house on time so we missed the parade :( but after a very LONG walk we finally made it to the park and began to enjoy the festival. My daughter made a mask, jumped in the bounce house and worked on refining her hula hooping skills. One thing that I was let down about was the fact that there was no Native American drumming circle which I really would have enjoyed to see.
The park was very nice and had a fishing dock that I believe was on the East river but i'm not 100% sure.
My daughter an I left the festival shortly after and THANKFULLY there was shuttle bus on the way back which dropped us off right at the train station. The rest of our day was spent indoors enjoying each other company and watching some movie on Netflix. I think that being away from home for so long turned me and my daughter into temporary home bodies :)

One of the views of the river

My daughter in the bounce house
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Office of Enrollment and Job application

Today my First are very future orientated and might not seem to exciting but they are both very necessary for my life and my daughter's life her in New York City.
In New York City due to the high population in the city you basically have to find a kindergarten for your child when you are pregnant. I live in the Bronx but my school, Baruch, is in Manhattan so I need to have my daughter closer to me for safety reasons and as you may have heard inner city schools aren't that great. Anyhow since I didn't plan to move to NYC when I was 15 and pregnant in Florida I didn't have a kindergarten picked in the city for my daughter. So after calling and speaking to a few people that work for and in the department of education of New York City I was told to go to the office of enrollment in Manhattan so as you may have guessed that was my First for today. Going one of the offices of Enrollment in Manhattan. Unfortunately the man I was told to speak to was not in today so I took some paper work to fill out and a paper that told me the 101 things I had to bring when I return.
After that my daughter an I went to run around the city for a little bit and after a very entertaining cab ride home from the grocery store( Yes I know I went to BJ's yesterday but I had to get my daughter her olives from an olive bar in Riverdale... she spoiled, trust me I know) we arrived home an I sat down to complete my second First of the day: Applying for a writing job!
I've been told by family and friends alike that I should write and I always brushed it off. However, the other day I was down and beating myself up about a few things and I got an email in my inbox that said apply to be a writer for such and such website. One thing about me is that I'm very much into timing and signs and when I was upset and questioning what it is that I REALLY want to do in life here comes this e-mail which is basically telling me: APPLY you DUMMIE! So today I did and now I wait :)
The job isn't paid but its a great start to get my writings published and its writing about what I know: being a student and trying to stay alive/ awake while in school.
My second First believe it or not is actually a really BIG step for me and i'm proud of myself that I applied. I personally don't think my writing is that good and I know my grammar is not the best but hey, why not give it a try and work on my skills in the process? Even if I don't get the job, which I really hope I do :) , that fact that I finally applied for a writing job makes me really happy and means that the next time that I apply it will get easier and easier.
Total First for today: 2!
  • Office of Enrollment
    • for my little one
  • Applying to my First writing job
    • Wish me luck ! :)
Today my day was a bit sluggish due in part to the weather but more so my attitude. However, in true NY spirit the city made me smile! As I was walking through the 42nd st station I saw an advertisement that made my day: RENT returning on JULY 14!
RENT is my ALL TIME favorite Broadway Musical! My sisters and I can sing the ENTIRE show to you at the drop of a hat! Unfortunately while I lived here I never got the chance to go see it on Broadway. I did get to see it in Orlando at the Bob Carr with Adam Pascal, whom I think looks as sexy as an ice cream cone on a hot summer day...sorry I got carried away lol, and Anthony Rapp! But I have always wanted to see it on Broadway and it seems like I WILL!!! *Oprah voice*
My day got even better on my cab ride home because the driver was incredibly funny and made me laugh the whole way home. Sometimes in New York you get cabbies that all over the emotional/ social scale. So the fact that I got one that was nice and funny was refreshing. One thing I can't stand doing is fake laughing all the way home when a cabbie thinks he's as funny as a one man Will Ferrell show but he really has the comedic capacity of Keanu Reeves (sorry buddy I don't think you're too funny, nothing personal).
We all have our bad days but try to make them "bad" moments, that's what I do, there's no need to ruin a perfectly great day :)
Thank you for reading and remember I'm open to suggestions! So please suggest !!! finding things to do for the First time can be harder than you think especially on a tight budget.
And now I am off to find something to do for the First time for tomorrow!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tango, Face Time Re-arranging and BJ's

Can't wait for my June 28th post!! I'm going to a live taping of the my favorite show, Daily Show with John Stewart!!!

Today I woke up and realized something had to be done about my room. I mean I have let it get pretty outta hand, shamefully I know. And yesterday night I slept on the bed/couch that is right by my windows and the breeze coming through the window was DELICIOUS, so I had to re-arrange my bedroom to get my bed closer to the window as well. When I started I was a bit overwhelmed because of all the CRAP in my room but after throwing a lot out and putting more things in my donation pile my room was on it's way to being re-arranged. After I finished I was quite impressed it was my First time re-arranging my room since moving back to NYC and I did a great job and it was CLEAN!!
After that I finally headed over to BJ's Whole Sale and went grocery shopping. This was the First time I had ever been to BJ's by myself and after paying way too much for a cab I got home and realized why I had never went without my father, because all of the stuff is HUGE and HEAVY and hard to carry while keeping an eye on a five year old girl. I got lucky though and had someone there to unlock the door and some kids from the building where nice enough to help me bring my purchases up to my apartment!
After some lazy time and my daughter letting me know that she did not want to go out again and just wanted to "belaxe" I called my sister and decided to try Tango, the video chat App on the iPhone, for the First time. I called her and after a little while she told me that she would rather FaceTime which is another video chat the iPhone does instead. So we Face Timed chat.
Total  First for June 23rd: 4!
  • Re-arranging my New York room
  • BJ's WholeSale by "myself"
  • Using Tango
  • Using Face Time
Well really 2! if you don't count the First two.
On a side note does anyone know if a place lie a women's and children's center that I can drop off some donations to in NYC? It would really help because after calling a few places I haven't found one that will take gently used clothing unless its dry cleaned and still on the hanger with the bag over it!
Thank you for reading!

June 22nd: Food Emporium, Union Square Best Buy and some flavor thing...

Yesterday was my First real day back in the lovely city of New York and I had nothing planned for a First but I had a few things to take care of, so after I took care of them I went over to Union Square by my daughter's request. I have been meaning to buy a microphone for a while now and since I have never been to any Best Buy in the city yet let alone the one in Union Square I decided to check it out.
My First First of the day: Going to Union Square Best Buy which also happens to be the only 24 hour Best Buy store in the world.
Once inside I realized that I was very hungry and after asking about 10 different sales associates where the microphones were I finally found them and checked out.

24 Hour Best Buy in Union Square
When I left the store I also realized that there was still no food at the house and that I needed to buy something if we (my daughter, father an I) were going to eat anything tonight. Since I have been to the Whole Foods in Union Square quite a few times and prefer the one in Columbus Circle instead I decided to go to the Food Emporium. I have never been to the Food Emporium and the only thing I knew about it I learned in RENT. So off I went to my second First of the day: Shopping at the Food Emporium. After looking around a bit and picking out a few things I went to check out and realized I didn't have my credit card, so I flipped out! lol I was hungry and I couldn't find my credit card. You would think by now that I wouldn't flip out so bed considering I'm really good at misplacing things, but I do. I had to leave the Food Emporium with no food and just decided to get on the subway home. I was pretty sure my credit card was in my tote bag and really didn't care if it was to be honest with you so I started making my way home. On the subway I suddenly cared all over again, probably because I realized that there was still no food home an I should look for my credit card if I planned on eating. So I did and would'ya know I found inside a notebook.
Once I made it home I had to go to the local grocery store which I DESPISE by the way and look for something to eat. While I was there I found a little flavor packet that said: "Add this to your chicken an it'll taste like Thai" so I did and it taste lie absolutely NOTHING! I wish I would've taken a picture of it to warn you guys never to but it. Sorry
Over all it was a good day!
My dinner was horrible :( but only because of my own laziness so I deserved it.
Total First for June 22nd: 3!
  • Food Emporium
  • Union Square Best Buy
  • and yuck flavor packet.
Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 21st: Sardines

I'm finally back home after a LONG vacation in Florida. Even though I love my friends and family in Florida I prefer New York A LOT better.
My flight back home was quick and easy the only thing that wasn't nice was that someone stole my daughter's iPod. The fact that someone can steal from a five year old girl is BEYOND me, but hey what can I do about it now? Nothing but change all my passwords and get her a new one LATER.
Any how since it was the day of my flight I didn't do anything too exciting for my First and unfortunately my father hadn't cooked so when I got home I was STARVING, on account of I didn't eat breakfast or lunch because I was REALLY hoping to eat Chick Fil A before leaving Florida.... but that didn't happen.
My father didn't cook and like a true bachelor he had NO food in the kitchen. I was so hungry I almost bit into a box of fruit snacks because I was so hungry and couldn't imagine having to open the box, take out a pack, open the pac and then eat
After sometime and a lot or whining on my part my father went down stairs and returned with... nothing really.. lol so then I had to go downstairs and get a few things and one of the things I got was a new brand of Sardines I have never tried before. I know, I know not very exciting but hey was hungry and it was a FIRST :)
Hey have any of you tried fried kool aid? I really want to try and make it but can't find a recipe or a place to try it.
Total First for June 21st: 1!
  • A new brand of Sardines.
I'm off to bed because I'm tired and NEED to DESPERATELY get back on a normal sleeping pattern.
My First for today June 22nd include to Food Emporium, Best Buy Union Square and ... I'll blog about it tomorrow so be sure to come back! I know that wasn't nice but... :)
Once again thank you for reading!
(Pics will come tomorrow for this pist and the previous)

June 20th: Vixen Touch

On my last day in Florida I wanted to go out really bad but there isn't that many things to do in Orlando, Florida on a Monday night. So after searching through the web my friend an I found a club called Touch, so my sister an I decided to go there since its new and seems to be the only thing to do. After getting ready and finally finding a parking spot my sister an I were on our way to Touch for the First time. When we go there the "club" was DEAD I mean really really dead! So of course we left. Then we went to Mako's for like 30 seconds because I can't stand that place and the music started YELLING at Not wanting to give up my sister decided to do the only thing that would definetly make the night better: get a slice! The pizza place that she likes to go to when in downtown Orlando is right next to a club called Vixen.
I have never been to Vixen so after my sister finished her slice we went to Vixen to check it out. My second First of the day!
The man at the door was VERY nice an actually helped us get rid of this creepy guy that wouldn't stop harassing me. He let us now that the music inside was drum and bass. This ment nothing to me on account of I had NO IDEA what drum and bass music but soon found out. Drum and bass is kinda like techno/ house/ something all its own. It was actually pretty cool to me or my ability to adapt to any situation really helped me out :) My sister looked like her ear were bleeding but I didn't care and was soon jumping/ dancing around like the other people inside!
Total First for June 20th: 3!
  • Club Touch
  • Club Vixen
  • Listening and discovering what Drum and Bass music is
Thank you for reading!
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Monday, June 20, 2011

June 19th: Tembleque and Sharks

Today, June 19th, I will shamefully admit that I didn't have a well thought out First so when the clock rolled around to 10:30 pm I was a bit worried because I still had no First.
My friends and sister were trying to help me come up with a first and coming up with a First on a Sunday night in a bible belt town at 10pm is no easy task. Finally my friend Tara suggested that I try a culinary First and make Tembleque. I have never made Tembleque so this was my First for the day.
Tembleque is a Coconut pudding dessert originally from Puerto Rico.
The process is really easy. You empty the powdery mix into and saucepan with milk stir and boil then enjoy!

The mix

Finished product with cinnamon
I look like I'm selling it. lol
o0o0o0o0MG I almost forgot to tell you guys that I while I was at the beach swimming like a little mermaid there were a SHARK yes SHARK sighting! This was the FIRST time I had ever seen sharks at the beach and in their natural habitat. It was pretty wild! There were quite a few of them maybe 5 give or take! People were saying that they thought it was dolphins but I beg to differ. Lol. Either way I didn't want to get back in especially NOT knowing what "they" were.
The beach was amazing today though and it made my Florida complete! I love the beach and everything about it. The smell, the sounds and the water.
Its late an I'm tired so I am off to bed
Once again thank you to all of my readers an have a great night or day (depending on when you read this)
Total First for the day 2!
Tembleque and SHARKS!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 18th: Rebounderz

Yesterday after sitting at home for far to long and eventually having to DRAG my sister out of the house we went to Rebounderz for the First time. Rebounderz is a indoor trampoline room place.. type... thing. Ok let me explain better. Rebounderz is a room that is full of trampolines, the floor and the walls. So you basically go in there and just bounce around like crazy. I have been wanting to go to Rebounderz since I lived here but never got around to it so I was super excited to go.
After getting the special bounce shoes on we were off to bounce but not before we received a short lesson on... how.. to ... jump... I didn't see the point in it but I guess for safety purposes.
At first I didn't want to jump too hard but after seeing people literally bouncing off the walls I had to try it!
Which I did and boy was it FUN!!!!
I would love to go back to a indoor trampoline place with out the kids since having them with made it a bit difficult to get crazy a jump all over the place. I almost landed on my daughter one time lol.
After we got off the trampolines the kids got on another jumping thing and had a blast. We left shortly after because we were TIRED from all the jumping and because we were SWEATY and needed showers really bad.
Overall the trampoline experience was GREAT and I really enjoyed it.
Total First: 1!

Not a really good picture but we were jumping
The kids in there helmets ready to go

Toe touch

One last attempt at a picture
The link to Rebounderz:
Thank you so much for reading!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 17th: Wekiva Springs

I wanted to take out the time to say thank you to all my readers especially all my readers from Russia!

Unfortunately the Miami post will not be coming :( one of our good friends that was gong to join us got sick so we called off the trip:( Its okay though because now I can have time to do local things with my FAMOLEE as my daughter says.
Anyhow yesterday the air conditioning in my friends car went out and being in a car in Florida with no air conditioning is no easy task. I really wanted to go to Daytona Beach but couldn't imagine driving 45 minutes away with no air conditioning in the car with two toddlers in tow. So instead the kids an I went to Wekiwa State Park which has fresh water springs. Even though I lived in Apopka Florida for about 10 years I have never swam in Wekiwa State Park.Years ago I went canoeing but that was it.
 I must say that swimming in the springs was AMAZING!! The water in the Springs is always cold and very refreshing! Which I definitely needed after riding in a vehicle with no air conditioning.. Even though I don't really Love Florida I love the "raw" life an will have a small place for the small town of Apopka, always.
Swimming in Wekiwa Springs was my First FIrst of the day!

The Springs

The kids at the Springs

A different view
My second First was going inside the nature center inside the state park. It was nice to see the little center and go inside. The center had turtles, snakes, crocodiles and stuffed real animals. The kids got the chance to pet a snake for the First time and they even had a cool observation tank for the kids to get an up close look to a baby crocidile. Going inside the nature center was the second First of the day.

Florida State Bear which can be found in your backyard on any giving Sunday.


Damien petting a snake

Leilani petting the snake

My next First was printing out mailer labels for the First time. I went to Office Depot and bought Avery labels and came home and printed them out. The outcome turned out good! :)

Thank you for reading!
Total First for the day: 3!

June 16th: Chocolate Gold Fish

Since my day was slow on June 16th I only have a tiny First: Chocolate Gold Fish.
I know I'm pathetic but I was stuck at home with the kids and I have never tried Chocolate Gold Fish before. At first I really didn't want to taste them because when you think of Gold Fish you think chessie goodness NOT chocolate. I tasted them an they were ok.
To be honest I cant wait to get back home so that my blog doesnt sound so much like a product  review site.
Thankfully the next post for June 17th was a new post that doesn't include PRODUCTS so please read on and don't lose faith in me! :)

Thank you for reading!
Total first for June 16th: 1!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15th: Cantu, Chillers, Chico's and Tazzers

Yesterday I finally used the Cantu leave in hair conditioner/ moisturizer and at first I was a bit let down, but after I re-used it to get ready to go out I like it!! When I initially used the Cantu hair product earlier in the day I didn't really follow the directions and just put it in my dry, dry hair and it worked but then when I was geting ready to go out I re-wet my hair and re-applied and it made a WORLD of a difference.
Over all the product worked well IF and follow the directions. Using the Cantu hair product was the FIRST FIRST of the day.

Hair earlier in the day with the Cantu product
My sister, some friends and I went downtown last night to Chillers for dollar drinks and this would be another First for me, going to Chillers, so I was looking forward to it. HOWEVER, unfortunately for some reason a friend bought a friend that was under 21.... ask me why... I don't know. And they FAILED to mention it until we had already PAID and got stamped to go inside Chillers. So we had to turn right back around and leave but thankfully the front door people were really nice and gave us our money back. Being that we were in downtown an you have to be 21 to get into any where I suggested going to a resturant instead so people could get a drink if they wanted and just hang out.
I really wanted to go to Gringos because I haven't been there after all of their renovations but we went to Chico's instead. I had never been to Chicos before and was excited to try a new place and have another FIRST! Going to Chico's bought my total of First to this point to 3, if you count Chiller's.
At Chico's I decided to keep with my string of First and tried a Blue Moon beer for the First time! I liked it and will definetly drink it again. Blue Moon brings my total to 4! Then I ordered a Pacifico which I have never heard of and will not try again. I wasn't bad I just don't really like light beer.

My FIRST Blue Moon
Check out those CURLS!

My FIRST Pacifico

Then as we were leaving downtown I'm not sure what this guy and his friends did but long story short he came up to the car asking for a ride then I heard some girl yelling, then police lights, people running and then he ran away from the police, well actually away towards them, and then he got tazzed.
This bought my total of First to 6! Seeing someone get tazzed.
Total First for June 15th: 6!
  • Using Cantu hair product
  • "Going" to Chillers
  • Going to Chico's
  • Trying Blue Moon Beer
  • Trying Pacifico
  • Seeing someone get tazzed
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bacon Brownie!

I have seen for a while now on cooking shows and The Food Network people putting bacon on cupcakes and such. I have never tried this before and since I had no first for the day, yet, I decided that I would take one of the brownies my sister made with the kids and try it with bacon on top.
Whenever I saw bacon on pastries and other deserts I always thought it looked really good so I was excited about my new First!
Once the brownies were done I cooked some bacon and just laid it on top of the brownie and took a bite. It was actually pretty good but I think that I would like to try it again with a more "well put together" treat instead of just throwing bacon on a

Bacon Brownie

My sister was completely digusted and told me she was shocked that I actually tried a brownie with bacon on top since I'm always houdning her and other's for their food choices. In her words I was: "EATING PIG LARD AND CHOCOLATE YOU"RE GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK!" and yes she really did yell at
I did feel that my heart was going to stop after eating the brownie bacon but will definetly give it another go!
I know I look wild just look at the brownie lol

Total First for today June 14th: 1!
  • Bacon Brownie

I stil haven't tried my Cantu Hair Product but will tomorrow and blog about it.
Thank you for reading and remember I'm open to all and any suggestions!! *.*

June 13th: Cantu Leave in Hair Conditioner

One thing about me that my family can't stand is my need to over pack. I love to over pack because I mean if I need something its better to have it then to miss it right? Well I learned quick while I was going to Spain this year, for the First time, that over packing is a B%tch! My over packing and over spending in Spain led to my bag being over in weight and me having to CARRY 1/4 of my suitcase contents. Not fun! Especially since I had to ride the Airtrain in JFK, transfer subways and carry my suitcase up the stairs and walk two and a half blocks home! This taught me a valuable lesson my family had been trying to tell me for years STOP OVER PACKING!
So this time around I decided to pack light... an since I never have before I forgot to pack a bra, outfits and HAIR products. Basically anything that made sense to pack. Now for those who do not have natural hair and for those who do having natural hair should know that having natutral hair with no products is just about impossible!
Yesterday in an effort to help my appearance, well really my hair, I went over to Wal-Mart and searched for a decent hair product that would hydrate and keep my curls in tact. The other day while I was on Twitter I remember seeing one of the girls that I follow say something about Cantu hair products and since I didn't remember what she said I used my handy dandy white iPhone and looked up the reviews for the product.
I was so proud of myself for utilizing my iPhone for something other than Twitter and Facebook! And my "research" led to me buying the Cantu hair product because 144 reviews told me too.
My first for June 13th was buying Cantu Leave in hair product.

My hair... see I NEED my products

Total First for June 13th: 1!
I haven't used it yet but I will tomorrow( the 15th) and let you all know how it goes.
Thank you for reading! I think my post from this upcoming weekend will be about/from MIAMI!!! whooohoo so that should be fun but its still all up in the air so... we shall see.

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 12th: 2010 Ford Expedition and Ice and Coco

After leaving the 80's club I was DD for the night so I had to drive my friend's SUV home, but not before making a pit stop at Denny's of course :).
My friend is really particular about letting anyone drive her car since it is rightfully her pride and joy so I was a bit nervous to drive it especially since she is VERY outspoken and will SCREAM as you drive if she thinks you are "messing" up.
Thankfully for my sanity she didn't scream at all! :)
The truck was really smooth to drive but felt like I was driving a HOUSE!!
We got home safe and sound and my ear drums were still in tact.
My other First for the day was coming home and watching the premiere of Ice Loves Coco on E after watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Personally I think they are really cute together and actually give some good advice! The show was fun to watch and I would watch it if I had a TV back at home. Which by the way I can't wait to get back home! I miss NYC and so does my little one, I can't wait to meet up with one of my best friends Shanika whom is interning at BET for the summer and all the free concerts and street fairs!
Total First for June 12th: 2!

  • Driving a 2010 Ford Expedition.
  • Watching the premiere of Ice Loves Coco
Thank you once again for reading. I'm currently woring on finding some more exciting First to do in Florida before I return back home to NYC. I need HELP guys!!!

June 11th: Caraba's and 80's Night!

Wow have a been slipping!
June 11th was the First time I ever went to a club on 80's night. One thing about me is that although I don't know all or many 80's songs I do love the way people used to dance back then and used to jam to 80's songs while driving. Since it was 80's night there were a bunch of "older" people so I was most likely the youngest person there. It was fun though and it was especially fun because instead of worry about what you look like and how you danced I really didn't care! My sister Raven an I were being silly and doing some crazy dances like the running man and the sprinkler just to name a few an I really didn't care because why should I? Here I was on 80's night at a club surrounded by people that were well into their 30's and 40's and that I would never see again.
It was fun to see people that are "older" having fun and still getting down and I'm not going to lie it was fun to laugh at some of their moves. Overall I had a great time! Not having to worry about people looking me and making sure my dress or skirt wasn't riding up was also a relief!
My second First of the day (not going in "time" order) was going to Carrabas. I have always heard that Carrabas was really good and since one of my friends parent's was celebrating their 80th birthday I was invited to come along. Unfortunately I just ordered a side salad so I didn't get to try their real entree's but the bread and full bar was really good lol.
Total First for June 11th: 1!
  • 80's night at a club!
  • Going to Carrabas

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 10th: Rango, Vintage and Casey's Corner

On June 10th I took the kids and Leilani's older sister to the movies. We weren't hundred percent sure on what we wanted watch so we checked all the movie listings and settled on Rango. In short that movie was the worst thing that I have ever seen!!  I mean Johnny Depp really could've done better. I have no idea why people would think that movie was appropriate for children. Usually kid movies are funny and make you laugh, I sat through the movie for about 45 minutes and did not laugh once. My nephew was begging to leave and after I could no longer take the violence, too mature plot line and seeing three families walk out I decided to take my nephew's advice and leave too. This was the First time I saw Rango and the First time I ever walked out of a movie and with my kids at that.
We left the movie got a bite to eat, did a little shopping and then went to the park.

At Steak and Shake with my first sweet tea in MONTHS!
Later that night I went out with my good friend Erica. I met her and a few other people that we used to work with downtown. This was the First time I ever parked at the Plaza Parking Lot, the First time I went to Casey's Corner and Vintage in downtown Orlando. The bars we went to weren't really my style but I had a good time because I was with good company. Good company makes all the difference. When it was time to go I got lost in the parking garage but thankfully I found my way out lol.

View of Downtown Orlando from a friends terrace
Total First for June 10th: 4!
I've grown to realize that even though I can't stand the state of Florida I will always have a place in my heart for southern gentlemen, sweet tea and mud!
Thank you for reading and let me know what I should do next!

June 9th: 1992 Sunbird

Sorry I haven't been on my blogging lately. I have no good excuses lol
After I woke up at the family friends home my sister had to leave and go to work which meant that I had no car and was "stuck" at the friends house. The kids were going to stay and play with their friends for a bit but I had a few things that I had do to and I wanted to get away from the kids for a bit. My friend, David, told me that I could take one of his cars if I wanted to and I wanted to lol so I did.
This was the First time I had driven a 92 Pontiac Sunbird.
Surprisingly the car was in REALLY good shape and ran great.
Unfortunately  this was my only First for the day, but it was well worth it because I got to get away from the kids.
Thank you for reading!
Total First for June 9th: 1!

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 8th: Jalapeno Olives, Herseys Dark Chocolate and Sleep over

On June 8th I went over to a long time family friends house and spent the night with the kids and my sister. Even though I have been friends with these people for over a decade I had never spent the night there before so this was my First for the day.
While I was over there I tried an olive stuffed with jalapeno which was really good. I love olives especially olives stuffed with just about anything. Then the next thing I tired for the first time was Hershey's Dark Chocolate to be honest I didn't like it too much because it didn't taste like Dark Chocolate it tasted like milk chocolate that someone put a little too much cocoa in it. I think dark chocolate so Hershey's you kinda let me down there.
Total First for June 8th: 3!
Sleep over at friends house, Olive stuffed with jalapeno and Hershey's "Dark" chocolate.
Sorry so short I'm trying to catch up an I'm on my way to go see Rango with the kids!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 7th: Ritas and pickled Herring

YEAH I feel A LOT better today!! What did I do last night to feel so much better this morning? Nothing, I went to bed early like most normal people do ;) . I feel so much better that I actually worked out this morning! Which led me to a new discovery I think a more when I work out as well as feel a lot better over all. Don't get me wrong I still miss home, NYC, but now that I feel better I feel that I can enjoy my vacation a lot more!
Yesterday the kids and I went over to a friend of the family's home and hung out and while we were there I did what I usually do... EAT! (o yeah now that I feel better I'm eating too!) My friend had some pickled Herring and since I usually eat dried Herring at home on salad I figured I'd give pickled Herring a try and it was good! I wasn't to fond of the sweet taste but it was actually really good so, I put it on my salad!
My First First of the day: Pickled Herring

After we left our friends house we went to the ever so dreaded nail shop because my sister had to get her nails done and I reluctantly allowed my daughter to get hers painted as well. I don't like little girls with make-up or nail polish or anything that makes them look and or feel like older women. So me a Toddlers and Tiaras and other shows like that are not friends.
I DIGRESS ;) While my sister was getting her nails done, in an effort to not let my daughter get her nails done, I took my sisters car and the kids to Rita's. A small little custard shop here in Apopka.
This was my second First of the day going to Rita's.
While we where inside I saw they had custard, gelatio, and Italian icee. My daughter said she wanted an Icee but I found it difficult to pay $2.50 and up for an icee when I can get the same thing in NYC for $1 in any park or block. Instead her and my nephew both got a chocolate custard and I had one as well.

The kids and chocolate custard
In the end my daughter got her nails painted. As my sister said "Its not like she gets them painted all the time and since I don't see her that often anymore its our 'thing' ". Maybe my daughter telling me I was her hero mommy helped and the fact that she expressed to me that she knows getting her nails painted doesn't make her a big girl and that she is still "mommy's intelligent big girl" helped a lot. I know i'm a sucker!

Total First for June 7th: 2!
Pickled Herring and Rita's in Apopka
Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SpongeBob Movie

My First for yesterday was waching the SpongeBob Movie! I know I'm like light years late considering the movie came out in 2004 and we are now in 2011. However the kids and I sat and watched the movie and I must say that it was VERY dramatic and funny.  I also couldn't believe how old Spongebob is! I mean he's at least 7 years old and the show is still going strong. My favorite part of the movie was when Spongebob put on an epic rock performance that Patrick Star danced in fishnet stockings to. I wasn't quite sure why the Hoff' was in the movie as human surfboard but it was good. Thank you for reading! I promise my post will become more exciting now that I am feeling a lot better and remember I'm always open for suggestions!

June 5th: Rosemont park

Sorry Florida is a whirlwind and it feels impossible to center myself and write here. I am feeling A LOT better and starting to center myself more so here I go.
On June 5th I got to meet up with one of my oldest best friends, Shakira. She has a daughter that just turned three so I was going to her birthday party at Rosemont Park. It was GREAT to meet up with a friend that I haven't seen in years! The last time I saw her was at her daughters 1st birthday party and since then so much has changed for the both of us. Being at the park in Florida in 100 degree weather was HORRIBLE, but being in great company made up for it. This was also the First time that I have been to Rosemont Park.
Total First for June 5th: 1!
Thank you for reading and please be patient with me :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 4: Green Dress, Groove and pool

On June 4th I still woke up half healthy but still decided to go swimming with my sister and friends. One thing about me is that I don't really like pools, something about the water gets my allergies really going, the chlorine makes me feel like sand paper and its just nothing compared to good old salt water. Any how since we don't have a pool in true Florida fashion we went to a friends pool. This was the first time that I had been swimming at this friends pool and the first time that I was in full sized pool that was only four feet deep. It also reinforced things I already knew. One, I need to take swimming lessons I mean I know how to swim but I would like to take lessons, I think that I forget to breathe when I swim...? and that I still didn't feel one hundred percent better, but oh well I'm on vacation and can't just keep laying in bed! One of my good friends Erica also helped me realize that I'm probably most likely still sick because of me. Stress really does but a damper on things.
Anyhow! After the pool I went to a few stores to look for something to wear out. I did this whole packing light thing this time around for the first time ever and boy does it SUCK! I mean I forgot hair products, a normal bra, clothing to go out in, clothing to do nothing in and HEELS!??
An since I have little to no money I was using my sisters card and didn't want to spend much. So when I found a green dress that was on the clearance rack, my favorite rack, I didn't get it. Sure the price was great but... Green I mean really? and it was a size three which I was pretty certain I wouldn't fit into. But on of my friends told me to try it so I did and I looked HAWT!! :)
Needless to say it fit which I can't remember the last time I was a size 3 and that the green didn't look bad. This was the First green dress I had ever bought.  I know it sounds silly but I think that we often times get set in our fashion "ways" and don't buy outside our comfort zone.
My next First was wearing heels to City Walk. Everytime I have been out to City Walk I would wear anything BUT heels. Even though I love heels I wouldn't wear heels to City Walk because of the long walk to the clubs there. But I put on some heels to comphensate for my horrible hair do and the dress called for heels. Once we got to City Walk we went to the Groove. Now the Groove isn't really my style... for many reasons... and when I got in there I confirmed with myself that it was not my preferred club of choice. Shortly after we left and went to Latin Quaters and Bob Marley's which are my style. I had a blast and upon waking in the morning I completely forgot I had heels on the night before!

Green Dress and heels!
Total First for "today": 4!

Friday, June 3, 2011

OMG I COMPLETELY FORGOT! Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert!

OMG I completely forgot!!!! Today was also the first time I ever got tickets to attend a live taping of a show and the fact that its to two of my favorite shows makes it all the better!!!
After weeks of stalking the websites to both shows for tickets I scored a pair to both The Daily Show and the Colbert Report! OMG i'm sooo excited can't wait to BLOG about it!
Total First for today: 3!
  • Team iPhone
  • Luna Bar

iPhone and Luna bar

Today I was inducted into team iPhone! My sister, Raven, has been wanting to get me an iPhone for the longest and I haven't let her however, when I lost the back to my phone, had pieces falling off of it and letters no longer working I figured that I should probably give in. So today, after trying to convince her the whole way to the store to not buy the phone I walked out with the new white iPhone and a Otter Box case. The guys at the store were really nice and helpful an one was a lilttle cute ;)
Today was my First time ever getting an iPhone!! I'm still learning how to get around and all the functions. I feel like a big girl now!!
After we left the store I went to Albertsons, a grocery store, and I got a new Luna Bar I never tasted before. One thing about me is that I LOVE protien bars and stuff like that so when I saw a new flavor, chocolate chunk I had to get it. Boy am I glad I did it was so yummy!!
Total First for today: 2!
Yummy Luna bar!

A HORRIBLE picture of me and MY iPhone!!
Thank you RAVEN I LOVE YOU!!!
Thank you for reading love you too!

June 2: Liam's, Blue Martini and a Beer

First I would like to say that even if you are on the brink of feeling better don't I repeat DON'T get on a treadmill and run.That's what I did and I shouldn't have. Lol
Yesterday I went out to eat with one of my friends, Diana and we went to Liam Fitzpatrick's an Irish restaurant in Heathrow. It was so good to see DD again shes such a breath of fresh air and so much fun.
We ordered the same meal, a sandwich, that was delicious! I also tried a new beer that was Irish that started with "S" It was actually really good.
Trying something new for the first time everyday is really teaching me about myself. I've come to learn that I like dark beer. Which is what the beer I tried Liam's.
After Liam's my sister an a friend of ours went out to Blue Martini. This wasn't the first time I had been to Blue Martini but it was the first time that I went to Latin night. At first the club was slow I was literally YAWNING, but after we left the main room we started having fun.
Yesterday was also the First time since Feburary that I myself straightened my hair myself and pumped gas.
Total First: 3!
Liam's, Latin night at Blue Martini, and my Irish Beer.
Thank you for reading!! Have a good day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1: Strawberry Beer

Yesterday I was feeling alot better but since I have no car I was at home with the kids all day.
So I texted one of my best friends and asked her if she wanted to hang out and of course she said yes, shes my best friend!
I will admit that I have forgotten a bit about my blog(S) with all my doing nothing and coughing, so last night I realized that I still hadn't done something for the First time. So I set out to try a beer that I haven't tasted yet. So I went to the local liquior store and bought a Strawberry Beer. When I got back home I put the beer in the fridge and let it get really cold then I drunk it, well more like tasted it. It turned out to be really good actually a good blend between beer and the Strawberry flavor, it wasn't too sweet or too beer-ish. I would like to take a beer and wine pairing class because it would be fun to learn the different hops, blends, flavors and brewing methods.
Total First for yesterday: 1! Strawberry Beer.
Fruli Strawberry Beer

Me and my Strawberry beer
Thank you for reading!