Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo Shoot!

Oh my goodness was today a day of epic first!
I'm so excited to share it with you all! :)
Today was my first time ever getting my make up professionally done, a professional photo shoot, and getting MAC make up!
Let me start from the beginning.
About a week and a half ago my sisters(Raven and Lily) and I were at my house bored and getting into a little bit of you typical sister fun and conversations. I had been wanting to cut my hair REALLY short for the longest and some how out of no where I had the courage to follow through. After talking to my sisters I looked up a few salons here in NYC and booked an appointment. My sister Raven wasn't too thrilled about the idea of me cutting my hair off but my other two sisters were all for it. The next day we were all on the subway to Wellington Hair Spa. Upon arrival i was a bit overwhelmed since i never get my hair done let alone cut a lot of it off but i was very excited! I was greeted by the salon owner Patrick and after a wash and condition I was in the stylist chair. I explained to Moet, the stylist, that I wanted something different and was even willing to get a pixie cut. After we spoke about the different things we can do we agreed on a graduated bob and then we could go shorter if I/ we wanted to. After she was finished I was in love!! My hair was gorgeous. The salon owner and Moet unformed that they would possibly like to use me as a model and if I would fill out an info card, I did and thought nothing of it.
However, they called a few days later me and informed me that they were having a photo shoot and wanted to use me if I was available, of course I was!
        This morning I arrived at the salon and got my hair done once again by the talented Moet and was off to makeup, real professional make up! I got my make up done by a gentleman and received some free MAC make up as well! After make up I was off to the shoot! I was once again a bit intimated to get in front of the camera but even more so when I had to sign release forms for my pictures to appear in Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine! I was so surprised!! Not only was it my first shoot but also a chance or the reality of being in a magazine! I never really thought I could be in a magazine so that was and still is pretty cool!
The photographer Keston Duke was really nice, patient, fun to work with and had a great eye for detail. He helped me with direction and jokes to help loosen me up after the shoot I had the chance to look at the film and was pleasantly surprised! He did a great job.
My day was wonderful and so much fun.

So far I would say my hair cut is REALLY working out for me :)
BTW all of the talented artist can be found one Fb as well as the salon.
Once again thank you so much for reading.
Stayed tuned for my next first!


  1. your hair looks awesome! Is there any chance of seeing the photos that were shot? Aww! How exciting! I am so glad you got to do this!

    love you,


  2. The photographer or the stylist said they would call when they come in. Thank you. So am I it was lots of fun and a good experience.