Friday, April 15, 2011

Central Park and Bowl Bath

       As promised I want to try something new everyday for a year and write about.
Yesterday was the first time I took my nephew and daughter to Central Park alone.
All of us had been to Central Park several times before but this is was also the first time that we went to 103st park.
The park was wonderful. The weather was great and in true New York City spirit there were drummers drumming in the distance.
We walked around the park a bit before both the kids told me they were hungry then Irealized I was too.

The second first came later on that day.
We had gotten back home and it was time to take a shower. I put my daughter in the shower and soon after she called for me. I walked into the bathroom and asked her what was wrong. She explained to me that the shower water wasn't getting any warmer, I felt the water and realized that it was extremely cold. Being that she was in the park all day I had to give her a shower but I couldn't wash her with such cold water. I reverted back to my "roots" and heated water up on the stove cooled it down with some cool water and gave my daughter a bath out of a kitchen mixing bowl. It was then my nephews turn, because they both needed baths. My nephew thought the entire process was the funniest thing he had ever been a part of. It was then that I realized this was the first time they had ever experienced this and it was the first time I had bathed my daughter and nephew out of a kitchen mixing bowl. (You can read more about the bowl bath, adventures with my daughter in nyc as a teen mom and other things I realized in my other blog : )

Talk about being green :)

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