Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoo and ankle weights

   Today was my first time taking my nephew Damien to the Central Park Zoo and a few other first!
My firsts today were:
  • Taking my daughter to a petting/feeding zoo as well as my nephew
  • First time getting my daughter and nephew their faces painted
  • First time eating gorgonzola and sun dried tomato ravioli
  • Grocery shopping at Whole Foods
  • Wearing ankle weights around NYC
Today we went to the Central Park Zoo and the childrens zoo, which is basically a petting/feeding zoo.
We walked around the Central Park Zoo for a while and while we were there the snow leopard killed a squirrel and was carrying the dead body around in its mouth. So that was definitely a first for me! Seeing the circle of life live and in person! The snow leopard was removed from view by some of the zoo keepers though, I guess it would be too much for some kids to see?
After we left the big zoo we went over to the children's zoo, the petting and feeding zoo. This was the first time feeding a sheep, alpaca and I think it was a goat...? But it was definitely my daughter and nephews first time. My daughter was afraid at first but my nephew dove right in as usual and fed the animals. After some talking my daughter finally fed the animals and pet them too! However she wanted to leave because "The animals got my hands all dirty and I need to wash them."
We washed our hands and then got their faces painted. My nephew got Spider Man and my daughter got the same but with pink and purple instead of red and black as well as balloons.

After all the zoo and face painting excitement we walked to Whole Foods.
Today was the first time I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods! People say that its really expensive but I think that they aren't that more expensive then your average store. Plus the products that you are getting are good for you and your health. I also liked that they had a plethora of diverse products for all type of taste pallets and trying new recipes. They even offer FREE cooking classes, which I hope to try and blog about in the near future. :)
I also failed to mention that I wore my ankle weights ALL day which was a challenge but it will be well worth it in the end!
Once again the day was wonderful!! As was dinner, grogonzola and sun dried tomatoe ravioli with a delicious salad and a few fresh olives! Which was another first !

Central Park Zoo Penguin
To see photos of our zoo day check out my other blog:
Once again Thank you for reading !

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