Saturday, April 23, 2011

WOW what a day!

Today I had ALOT of first!
The weather was horrible but I didn't want a little weather stop me from embarking on a new adventure, so off to the New York Aquarium the kids an I went.
The subway ride was LONG! I mean a hour an a half. This was the longest I had ever spent on the subway, so that was a first. Then the aquarium is the last stop on the D and F train, so that was another first riding these subways the farthest I ever had, all the way to the end.
The aquarium is right next to the beach so that was ANOTHER first seeing the beach in NYC. Oh and did I mention that the aquarium is right next to Coney Island so this was the first time I had seen the world famous Coney Island! Even though I lived in NYC before I was younger and had never seen any of these things. So I was excited! And fell in deeper love with the city! Here I was in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact, on the beach, next to Coney Island and about to see sea animals at the NYC Aquarium! It doesn't get more diverse and better than that!
We walked inside the Aquarium and saw Beautiful fish and coral reefs. I was blown away and so were the kids.
Next we saw a Sea Lion show that was short, sweet and very entertaining! The Sea Lion actually went right up the us and barked in our face! Pretty cool stuff! Then, in honor of the Aquarium opening a new hall they had cultural dance shows.
The children and I saw Brazilian Samba,  Afro-Brazilian dance and Capoeira for the very first time. Another first! I have been interested in seeing all of these types of dance especially Capoeira so that was a nice FREE treat! We saw many more animals but perhaps the ones that I liked a lot were the Sea Turtle which was truly breathe taking, the Jelly Fish which really are alien-like in there structure and movement and the Walrus which is LOUD and HUGE. A Walrus can weigh as much as 5k pounds! It amazes me that something so big can move so gracefully AND float! The size that some animals can row to be is truly mind boggling, I saw a HUGE Sting Ray and the Sea Turtle was an impressive size as well. After seeing all the animals we hit up the gift shops before leaving to walk on the boardwalk and the pier. Which was another first for me, walking on the board walk and pier in NYC!
WOW that was eight first, in one day!
After sometime was got on the subway and rode the train back home.
Overall today was amazing and so much fun! I will definitely be going back to the aquarium again in the near future. Of course you can't go to the aquarium and not feel a little environmental afterwards, so here's my moment for today:) Remember that as humans we put a huge emphasis on the Ocean and don't realize how much we affect the whole "circle of life" because of our own selfishness and foolish mistakes. So remember to love the planet and it will love you back and a little changed can change the world! :) I totally fell in love with Sea Turtles today :)Okay I'm done
Sting Ray in coral reef

Sea Turtle

Beach with Coney Island in the background

Pier in NYC
                                                                  A bit of Capoeira

Often times we forget to take out time a fully enjoy all the things in this world. A simple trip to the zoo or aquarium can really be a treat to yourself and help you stay grounded by showing you there are things in life bigger than you!
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