Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Castles, Caricatures and poop?

Today I was struggling with a first and the weather was going to be horrible so I looked online for something new I could try. Since my financial situation is not ideal I was looking for something FREE :). Being that my family an I are members of the zoo and American Museum of History I checked both websites. I came across a free exhibit about the largest dinosaur at the museum and decided to go.
   Upon getting to the museum I saw it was PACKED, HORRIBLY packed! I asked the kids of they would rather go across the street to Central Park. I figured once it started raining we could leave the park and hop on a subway home. They agreed that there were too many people in the museum so off to the park we went.
  They played on the rocks a bit and then something told me to go to the Belvedere Castle so off we went, although I had been there before so this wouldn't count as a first. When we got to the top of the hill I was shocked to see the castle was open! I had been wanting to go inside for a while but every time I would go it would be closed.
SCORE! A first for today!
   We went inside the castle and it was really quaint and nice. The castle was built in 1869 and was restored in 1983. The castle is also the official place that records the temperature in Central Park, which I didn't know. The weather showed no signs of getting worse so we stayed in the park and I got the kids some ice cream. The lawns in Central Park are beginning to open up so the kids and I sat down on the grass and ate our ice creams. One thing I love to do is sit or lay in the park and just relax and sometimes even sneak in a quick nap! With the coming of Spring the lawns opening up these things are becoming a reality to me. The weather was so nice that we took off our jackets and ran around a bit and played tag.
  We then ran into a gentleman that was doing free caricatures in the park and I got one for Leilani and Damien. Another first! My first time getting my daughter and nephew their caricatures done!
  The last first doesn't really count but it was the first time in a LONG time that I stepped in poop! EW! I know.
  Then my day got a hell of a lot better when I found out I got in to my top choice school and one of the best business schools in he US, Baruch! This isn't the first university I got into but its the ONE I really wanted to go to. To find out more about that you can head over to my other blog:
Thank you so much for reading and
The Castle

View from the top. Lovely weather!
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