Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Conservatory Garden

Toady  I left the house, kids in towe, with the idea of watching a presentation at the AMNH. However, when I got there I learned it wasn't free for members so I instead opted for a FREE and NEW exhibit about the worlds largest dinosaur, appropriately named: "The World's Largest Dinosaur. It was pretty amazing to see how big the bones were and how much food the Sauropod consumed in one day. This dinosaurs neck was 30 feet long and measured 160 ft head to tail.At the end of the exhibit there was a digging pit that they kids dug in to find fossils.
After that we had lunch in the African Mammals Hall and went across the street to Central Park. We walked around a bit and started getting hungry so we stopped and had another lunch at a restaurant off of Madison Ave and had some food.
I had fish tacos for the first time! They weren't any good an I'm sure my sister Leysis can make me a better and cheaper batch :)

Then we made our way over to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park on 104th street. I taught the kids the art of rolling down a hill, which we all enjoyed and then for some reason I had an urge to take my shoes off. So I did. I asked the kids to join me and at first they looked at me as if I was crazy and then agreed. It was nice to just lay in the park barefooted and have real grass underneath me and the sun and wind blanketing me. This was the first time I ever took my shoes off in Central Park an it was delicious. After relaxing in the grass and watching the kids play frisbee we were off to the Garden. This was the first time that I went to the garden and although I think its too small it was very nice and peacefull. The flowers were beautiful and the kids enjoyed it too.

My barefeet in Central Park



Tulips ;)

Today was also the first day that I walked from 81st street across the park and up to 125th street! All together I walked a minimum of 3 miles with out trying :) And the kids did an great job of keeping up :)
So today's first total up to: 6! and we still go home at a decent time!
Thank you for reading!
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