Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bronx Museum of Art and Times Square

Today was a GREAT day !!
The kids an I went grocery shopping this afternoon, which was a first for me, taking the both of them alone.
After that we came home eat and surprisingly we all fell asleep for a little afternoon nap! It felt great to take a little nap with my daughter and have my nephew there as well, I can't remember the last time that happened.
After our relaxing nap I planned to go to a museum but wasn't quite sure which one to go to. Since day light was running out and I had promised the two kids we would go down to Times Square today I decided to go to the Bronx Museum of Art (which was FREE!).
Boy am I glad we went there!
On exhibit they had pieces from Renee Cox, Elizabeth Catlett among other great artist. These two women are great contemporary artist that I had been introduced to in my African American Hummanities class. It was wonderful to finally see the pieces that were once on Power Point in person! I did have the two kids with me so I wasn't able to fully process all the pieces but was very impressed and surprised these works of art were right in my back yard.
The next exhibit we went to was one put on by kids from the neighborhood. They had walked around the neighborhood and picked up pieces of litter that "spoke" to them then they constructed little pieces of art with the discarded items. I seized this opportunity to talk to the kids about how anything can be art and that even kids their age are artist and that they too are artist.


Up close

Gallery View
I was very interesting to see how the children used these discarded pieces to create art, something personal and something to be proud of all in one.
Before we left the museum I found out there was a panel discussion taking place and since I had the two kids with me I decided not to go. However, when I found out that both Cox and Catlett were there I turned right back around and went upstairs to the discussion. Unfortunately my timing was bad because the discussion was over but I did get to see Renee Cox, Sanford Biggers, and Xavier Simmons. Catlett was unable to attend but to be in the same room with these artist was enough and had to be because my camera was refusing to turn on!! :( The fact that my camera wouldn't turn on really bummed me out but at least I have the memory, which I'll keep forever and the art I can still go back and look at.
As we were leaving my daughter made me so proud. She told me she didn't want to leave the museum and that she really enjoyed the art and wanted to see more! This made me so happy and proud! Its like all the things I've been trying to get her to appreciate shes doing all on her own!
After leaving the museum we went down to Times Square to look for Spider Man. Now this wasn't anyone first time in Times Square but this was the first time I took my daughter and nephew alone! If you've ever been to Times Square you know the place is packed and can be quite overwhelming, for these reasons I was a bit apprehensive to take the both of them alone, but everything turned out great! We even got to pictures by the red stairs and got to sit on them.
The kids listened very well and I managed to get a few pictures out of my camera before it died yet again! ( I'm charging that thing while I type)

Times Square

The Red Stairs
Since Spider Man was no where to be found. I took the kids to Toys R Us in hopes that they would have a Spider Man mascot. Once again no Spidey so we walked around a bit saw Barbie's House, Candy Land and a T-Rex which was the first time I had seen any of these things in Toys R Us.
After that we left Times Square, vowing to come back to find Spidey, and met my father for dinner in the Heights!
Today was a great, easy going day! It made me fall in love with the city even more and confirmed what I already knew that NYC is and has been good to me. It also taught me to charge my camera daily, I'm so bummed I didn't get pictures of the artist!
Total Fist for today: 7!
Thank you for reading once again!
If you have any suggestions on what I should do next I would love to know!
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