Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 18th: Rebounderz

Yesterday after sitting at home for far to long and eventually having to DRAG my sister out of the house we went to Rebounderz for the First time. Rebounderz is a indoor trampoline room place.. type... thing. Ok let me explain better. Rebounderz is a room that is full of trampolines, the floor and the walls. So you basically go in there and just bounce around like crazy. I have been wanting to go to Rebounderz since I lived here but never got around to it so I was super excited to go.
After getting the special bounce shoes on we were off to bounce but not before we received a short lesson on... how.. to ... jump... I didn't see the point in it but I guess for safety purposes.
At first I didn't want to jump too hard but after seeing people literally bouncing off the walls I had to try it!
Which I did and boy was it FUN!!!!
I would love to go back to a indoor trampoline place with out the kids since having them with made it a bit difficult to get crazy a jump all over the place. I almost landed on my daughter one time lol.
After we got off the trampolines the kids got on another jumping thing and had a blast. We left shortly after because we were TIRED from all the jumping and because we were SWEATY and needed showers really bad.
Overall the trampoline experience was GREAT and I really enjoyed it.
Total First: 1!

Not a really good picture but we were jumping
The kids in there helmets ready to go

Toe touch

One last attempt at a picture
The link to Rebounderz:
Thank you so much for reading!

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