Monday, June 13, 2011

June 11th: Caraba's and 80's Night!

Wow have a been slipping!
June 11th was the First time I ever went to a club on 80's night. One thing about me is that although I don't know all or many 80's songs I do love the way people used to dance back then and used to jam to 80's songs while driving. Since it was 80's night there were a bunch of "older" people so I was most likely the youngest person there. It was fun though and it was especially fun because instead of worry about what you look like and how you danced I really didn't care! My sister Raven an I were being silly and doing some crazy dances like the running man and the sprinkler just to name a few an I really didn't care because why should I? Here I was on 80's night at a club surrounded by people that were well into their 30's and 40's and that I would never see again.
It was fun to see people that are "older" having fun and still getting down and I'm not going to lie it was fun to laugh at some of their moves. Overall I had a great time! Not having to worry about people looking me and making sure my dress or skirt wasn't riding up was also a relief!
My second First of the day (not going in "time" order) was going to Carrabas. I have always heard that Carrabas was really good and since one of my friends parent's was celebrating their 80th birthday I was invited to come along. Unfortunately I just ordered a side salad so I didn't get to try their real entree's but the bread and full bar was really good lol.
Total First for June 11th: 1!
  • 80's night at a club!
  • Going to Carrabas

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