Friday, June 24, 2011

Office of Enrollment and Job application

Today my First are very future orientated and might not seem to exciting but they are both very necessary for my life and my daughter's life her in New York City.
In New York City due to the high population in the city you basically have to find a kindergarten for your child when you are pregnant. I live in the Bronx but my school, Baruch, is in Manhattan so I need to have my daughter closer to me for safety reasons and as you may have heard inner city schools aren't that great. Anyhow since I didn't plan to move to NYC when I was 15 and pregnant in Florida I didn't have a kindergarten picked in the city for my daughter. So after calling and speaking to a few people that work for and in the department of education of New York City I was told to go to the office of enrollment in Manhattan so as you may have guessed that was my First for today. Going one of the offices of Enrollment in Manhattan. Unfortunately the man I was told to speak to was not in today so I took some paper work to fill out and a paper that told me the 101 things I had to bring when I return.
After that my daughter an I went to run around the city for a little bit and after a very entertaining cab ride home from the grocery store( Yes I know I went to BJ's yesterday but I had to get my daughter her olives from an olive bar in Riverdale... she spoiled, trust me I know) we arrived home an I sat down to complete my second First of the day: Applying for a writing job!
I've been told by family and friends alike that I should write and I always brushed it off. However, the other day I was down and beating myself up about a few things and I got an email in my inbox that said apply to be a writer for such and such website. One thing about me is that I'm very much into timing and signs and when I was upset and questioning what it is that I REALLY want to do in life here comes this e-mail which is basically telling me: APPLY you DUMMIE! So today I did and now I wait :)
The job isn't paid but its a great start to get my writings published and its writing about what I know: being a student and trying to stay alive/ awake while in school.
My second First believe it or not is actually a really BIG step for me and i'm proud of myself that I applied. I personally don't think my writing is that good and I know my grammar is not the best but hey, why not give it a try and work on my skills in the process? Even if I don't get the job, which I really hope I do :) , that fact that I finally applied for a writing job makes me really happy and means that the next time that I apply it will get easier and easier.
Total First for today: 2!
  • Office of Enrollment
    • for my little one
  • Applying to my First writing job
    • Wish me luck ! :)
Today my day was a bit sluggish due in part to the weather but more so my attitude. However, in true NY spirit the city made me smile! As I was walking through the 42nd st station I saw an advertisement that made my day: RENT returning on JULY 14!
RENT is my ALL TIME favorite Broadway Musical! My sisters and I can sing the ENTIRE show to you at the drop of a hat! Unfortunately while I lived here I never got the chance to go see it on Broadway. I did get to see it in Orlando at the Bob Carr with Adam Pascal, whom I think looks as sexy as an ice cream cone on a hot summer day...sorry I got carried away lol, and Anthony Rapp! But I have always wanted to see it on Broadway and it seems like I WILL!!! *Oprah voice*
My day got even better on my cab ride home because the driver was incredibly funny and made me laugh the whole way home. Sometimes in New York you get cabbies that all over the emotional/ social scale. So the fact that I got one that was nice and funny was refreshing. One thing I can't stand doing is fake laughing all the way home when a cabbie thinks he's as funny as a one man Will Ferrell show but he really has the comedic capacity of Keanu Reeves (sorry buddy I don't think you're too funny, nothing personal).
We all have our bad days but try to make them "bad" moments, that's what I do, there's no need to ruin a perfectly great day :)
Thank you for reading and remember I'm open to suggestions! So please suggest !!! finding things to do for the First time can be harder than you think especially on a tight budget.
And now I am off to find something to do for the First time for tomorrow!


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