Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 17th: Wekiva Springs

I wanted to take out the time to say thank you to all my readers especially all my readers from Russia!

Unfortunately the Miami post will not be coming :( one of our good friends that was gong to join us got sick so we called off the trip:( Its okay though because now I can have time to do local things with my FAMOLEE as my daughter says.
Anyhow yesterday the air conditioning in my friends car went out and being in a car in Florida with no air conditioning is no easy task. I really wanted to go to Daytona Beach but couldn't imagine driving 45 minutes away with no air conditioning in the car with two toddlers in tow. So instead the kids an I went to Wekiwa State Park which has fresh water springs. Even though I lived in Apopka Florida for about 10 years I have never swam in Wekiwa State Park.Years ago I went canoeing but that was it.
 I must say that swimming in the springs was AMAZING!! The water in the Springs is always cold and very refreshing! Which I definitely needed after riding in a vehicle with no air conditioning.. Even though I don't really Love Florida I love the "raw" life an will have a small place for the small town of Apopka, always.
Swimming in Wekiwa Springs was my First FIrst of the day!

The Springs

The kids at the Springs

A different view
My second First was going inside the nature center inside the state park. It was nice to see the little center and go inside. The center had turtles, snakes, crocodiles and stuffed real animals. The kids got the chance to pet a snake for the First time and they even had a cool observation tank for the kids to get an up close look to a baby crocidile. Going inside the nature center was the second First of the day.

Florida State Bear which can be found in your backyard on any giving Sunday.


Damien petting a snake

Leilani petting the snake

My next First was printing out mailer labels for the First time. I went to Office Depot and bought Avery labels and came home and printed them out. The outcome turned out good! :)

Thank you for reading!
Total First for the day: 3!

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