Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yes, Like a Bull

I have been wanting to get my septum pierced for a little while now and after asking several people how bad it hurt and how the healing was I decided I was going to do it.

However, I was a little put off on getting it done because one guy told me it hurt like hell. Then after thinking about it I realized:
A- he was probably being sarcastic and 
B- he's a guy and my personal opinion is males have a lower pain threshold then females.

I researched some more online and realized that unlike several other piercings you are actually able to hide your septum piercing. This was the finally reason to get it! Not only would I have a bad ass piercing BUT I could hide it when need be.

After calling several places to get it done I found one that did it fir a great price and went in and got it done.

As fair as tge piercing it's self it didn't really hurt but I did feel a pounding in my brain, yes my brain, when I was getting it done. Another thing is my face was COVERED in tears afterwards. I wasn't crying out of pain I think it was my bodies reaction to the piercing of several sensitive tissue matter and sinuses.

Anyhow. I LOVE IT! I've accidentally bumped it a few times and my little sister did punch it while she was sleeping but other than that im good!

Right afterwards

Nan and I at the mall

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mechanical Bull

This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time!. Finally I did it.

First time riding a mechanical bull

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wheat Thins and Liquor Chocolate

While I was once again hungry and at school I went to the vending machine and tried Wheat Thins Toasted Chips Veggie flavor. The chips were good and I will definitely buy them again and try them with a homemade dip.

The night I shaved my head I went down la bodega and picked up a few things and as I was checking out I saw little liquor infused chocolates. Now I'm not sure how long those have been sitting there... lol but they were 2 for1 so I got two. One flavor was B-52 and the other was Strawberry Daquire, they were both good but nothing out of this world.

DiDi Dumplings, Club Fair and drinks.

While I was at school feeling quite famished I ventured outside of the vending machines and went to DiDi Dumplings. This place is cute, quaint and simple. After looking at the menu I decided to get the five piece vegetarian dumplings steamed, the dumplings were only $5!!
I got the dumplings and the sauce and they were both delicious.

Another few of my First are trying new drinks.

I have tried Casillero del Diablo Carbernet. The wine is a red wine and was nice... Lol
I'm sorry to be so vague but I'm becoming to realize that my "appetite" for drinking lately has been about zero, maybe it'll change maybe not.

Before realizing I was getting sick I purchased a different brand of coconut water. Whenever I get coconut water I either get Vita Coco or Naked however this time I got, Zico for the First time.
The flavor was nice and refreshing, however it was around $3 and for that price I can get one and a half Vita Coco or a brand I'm more familiar with; Naked.

While I was at my First Baruch club fair, which I will go into in more depth later, I was given a drink called "Snow" by the Undergrad Student Government. The drink taste like a soda but has vitamins as says it is healthy for you, cute concept and the drink was actually good. I will probably be trying it again but only in a original cocktail type drink, as I am not a soda drinker.

Stayed tuned for more First :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Full Of First!

So I promised you guys that I was still embarking on my Daily First adventures and here are a few.

I woke up the other day and lately I have been completely skipping breakfast which is NOT GOOD! I used to be the person that never ate breakfast and I was fine without out. However, when I got serious about losing weight I had to start eating breakfast because I was so dam hungry I wasn't going to miss any meal lol, oh yeah and its good for your metabolism too :)
Anyhow I have sadly enough fallen back into the "no breakfast" zone and I
A) hate it
B) can see the effects on my mood and body
C) Need to change it
After dropping Leilani off at school and finally getting to mine I found I was considerably hungry and decided to get s protein drink to hold me over, it was only a short day. I went to the Rite Aid and although I really wanted some rice or soy milk I decided that I really had to get a heavy protein drink to curve my appetite.
After strolling around the pharmacy for too long I finally got a Muscle Milk.
This was the First time I had ever tried Muscle Milk and I can honestly say it is the LAST, unless I find a good flavor for FREE! I bought the Vanilla Creme Flavor and at first sip was over come with the OVERBOARD sweet taste and then the "BLUH" taste.

A few days later I, once again skipped breakfast and once again found myself hungry when I got off the metro so I once again strolled into Duane Reade this time and looked for a protein drink. However, this time I STAYED AWAY from the Muscle "Bluh" and reached for Odwalla Vanilla Al'Mondo Protein drink which was amazing! It has SOY MILK in it and I love soy milk and the flavors were so good and when I got the the end of the bottle I was saddened by how quick it all went by. However, my sadness was short lived because I had Oatmeal Raisin Walnut bar from Cliff.
My level of satisfaction was marketability different from that of the Muscle "Milk" Which by the way contains NO milk just saying.
  1. Odwalla Vanilla Al'Mondo Protein
  2. Cliff Oatmeal Raisin Walnut
  3. Muscle YUCK... I mean.. Milk

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Guard!

This is AN EMERGENCY POST! I have several others that should be ahead of this one but I had to take out the time to do this one FIRST!
So today I was going to go to Bryant Park and watch a dance that is part of the annual Bryant Park Fall Festival but instead I stayed home and shaved my head. Yes you read correctly SHAVED MY HEAD!

For those of you that know me well, you know I have been wanting to shave my head for some years now and after thinking about it all day, tweeting about it and calling you to see what you think I DID IT!
IT feels great! I am super excited!
Today I woke up and my hair was as dry as scarecrow straw and as you all know I don't like my hair. Don't get me wrong I have great hair but I CAN"T STAND IT! Anyhow I went down to the dollar store and got some deep conditioning treatment thing came home, washed my hair, twisted it and then looked in the mirror and told myself: "Fck it shave it!" After about six hours I did!

Leilani told me I looked like Damien, my nephew, and that she now needed a new mom. Lol. But after I told her I needed a new daughter she apologized and said that it was just strange and now when she drew a picture of use she would have to draw me with no hair instead of my curls lol.


AHHH! She did it!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Indian Food, Veggie Lasgana

I made the decision to go vegetarian on the 26th of August. So far I have done well and I'm actually proud of how well I am settling into the meatless life style.
In an attempt to make my meals more diverse I made vegetarian lasagna for the First time. I must say it was delicious and I honestly didn't miss the meat at all!I used spinach, eggplant, squash, tomato and onions, with whole wheat noodles, and home stewed tomatoes!
Since going vegetarian I have been looking for more fun and exciting recipes to try. One of my favorite types of food is Indian food. I can't say one specific reason why I enjoy Indian food so much but I know several as to why. Even before making the change to a meatless lifestyle I enjoyed the flavors and the way Indian food is cooked. The other day I had a two hour break in the middle of my school day and decided to get some Indian food!
This is was the First time I had ever been to Curry in a Hurry in Murray Hill. The restaurant is two levels and has platters that allow you to sample different types of Indian food, the platters start at the low price of $10. I wanted to try something new and for the First time so I got vegetable biryani. The dish was delicious! The spices and flavors of the rice were top notch and the price was budget friendly! How can you argue with that? Vegetable Biryani is a rice dish cooked with vegetables and delicious spices... lol Once again I didn't even miss the meat. Then to continue on my First adventures I had a salty lassie. The salty lassie taste a lot like liquefied Greek yogurt and although I love Greek yogurt, I don't think I'd have the lassie again UNLESS it has some flavor to it. All in all I would go back to Curry in a Hurry, good food, great prices and in my schools neighborhood!

My first for this post are
  1. Making vegetarian lasagna
  2. Going to Curry in a Hurry
  3. Trying vegetable biryani
  4. Having a salty lassie
Thank you for reading and I would LOVE suggestions!


I have failed, I've gone too many days without a first :"(.
No excuses but it's been hard to do something for the first time everyday since starting school, Leilani starting school and my other blog/site, Teen Mom NYC, taking off and developing at the speed it has. Then the few that I had before my lapse of First were earased off my dry earase board by Leilani, whom thought it was hilarious by the way.
However, I am very excited to say that I have NOT lost sight of my goal and that I am still trying things for the first time.
I am happy to announce that I have tried many things for the first time and I'm even more excited to tell you all about them!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 4th- Skin

September 4th-  Skin

I was laying in bed continuing my do absolutely nothing weekend when I got on Netflix and found this film. I watched it and WOW! I was cringing at the raw non-fiction elements just 10 minutes into the film, by 15 minutes I was tearing up and at the end I was...

The life and story of this woman was so appalling and then I found out it was based on a true story of Sandra Laing.
To not give away too much, the film is about a White South African family who has a child that is biologically theirs but she comes out "Black." I say "Black" because she is biologically "White" but has the complex and "characteristics"  of a "Black" girl. The family has to balance the tightrope of race, racism, prejudice, the legal system, the institution of education and be parents all the while trying to not make their daughters appearance a big deal. The father has an especially hard time with EVERYTHING both "good" and "bad" along the way.
There was one scene at which I became particularly emotional on. The young girl, tired of the problems her skin color was causing her and her family, mixed household cleaning products and rubbed them all over her body in a desperate attempt to literally was the black off. The result was her completely covered in burn marks and unable to sleep. The film is a series of racial battles both within the main character and the world around her and how to two coexist or the lack of co-existence plays out.
Often times film about racism are "back in that day" and about the Civil Rights movement and along the same, sorry to sat it, sorry, boring, played out story. In short they lack originality. However Skin is very "up to date", produced in 2008 and because racism was JUST outlawed in South Africa in 1994.
And although it was LEGALLY outlawed the principles and thoughts that racism create in generations of families still remain at large! Black South Africans still live in tin/ wood homes in townships and are treated like second class citizens. With little to no education about many things in life and sadly enough the basic education of sexual health and health it's self.
If you think about how far America has come and how MUCH FARTHER it still has to go imagine what South Africans are experiencing.
Have we as a human race become and allowed ourselves to become so vile despite the historical "lessons" we have and the ability to THINK? Just THINK!
All in all I really and truly enjoyed the film, the thoughts and questions it made me ask myself about myself and the world at large. Watching Skin made my thirst to go to South Africa even stronger!
WATCH THE MOVIE you wont be sorry. I also found out that there are two documentaries about her as well,Sandra Laing: A Spiritual Journey and Skin Deep: The True Story of Sandra Laing.

Sept 1st- Sept 3rd

So my next few First are not going to be especially exciting for you but they were both essential and none the less exciting for me in the path to get my life on track here in New York City.
September 1st- Orientation
I was awarded a work study and had to attend the orientation in order to be able to apply for a job. The orientation was short sweet and simple however, to this date I have been unable to locate a position for my work study.
September 2nd- #9 bus, HSCA and Dunkin Donuts cold Apple Cider
On this day I had to go pick up my father's check and once again it was a wonderful wild goose chase. I went to the office I had to go to before only to find out that I had to go on the OTHER side of the Bronx and pick it up at a different location. On the way to catch the bus I stopped in and rewarded myself with a cold apple cider from Dunkin' Donuts. One thing about me is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE apple cider, any type of apple cider or apple flavor. The drink was good but I like warm apple cider better. I had to ride the #9 bus to get to the location, finding the #9 bus proved to be more difficult then I thought. I literally walked around in circles and stumbled upon the bus stop. Riding the bus was pretty exciting because it allowed me to see other parts of the Bronx I have never seen before.
September 3rd- Morning Star 

Since I am still early in my quest of vegetarian-ism I was experiencing some carnivorous withdraw impulses. Lol. I went down downstairs to the OVERPRICED and annoying grocery store to buy some Morning Star Meal Starters to include in a pasta dish. My "review" um... it taste like rubber pencil erasers, not
I mean I'll try them in a chili, but other then that... yeah no.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 31st:Enrolling into Kindergarten

If you may have no noticed by now I am an emotional mess when it comes to my daughter... going to school. Lol.
Being that New York City makes it virtually impossible to get your child into a kindergarten doesn't help and on top of that having her all the way in the Bronx while I'm in Manhattan isn't a settling feeling either. However, after calling numerous schools, visiting the office of enrollment, going through the "process" of "requesting" that she be placed in a school closer to were I WORK an go to SCHOOL, you know because that makes more sense, I kindly got a letter from the New York City Department of Education SEVEN days before school starting saying in short: Hell No.
The race was on to find a school for Leilani because of several reasons but the top two most important being that
  1. I told her I had a school for her, and 
  2. If she's not in school that means I'm not in school. Which means F__ !
Even though it was my official second day of classes and my school schedule was FULL for the day, I had to miss two classes and be up and at the school by 6:30AM to stand in line, to HOPE that I was one of the first 25 people in line to be able to enroll her into school.
Talking about a WONDERFUL, convenient system... NOT!
Luckily I was one of the select few to be there in time so she is now enrolled in school. BUT I learned that all the back to school clothing I bought her is now obsolete because her school requires uniforms. Lol.

My First for August 31st was enrolling my baby into Kindergarten! :*)
Time flies when you have a child! Lol 
Thank you for reading and MANIFEST POSITIVITY!

August 30th: First day of classes

Today's First was my FIRST day at Baruch College!
Yes I 
I am taking a literature course and arrived late however, finding the class and navigating the campus wasn't hard at all. Which was refreshing because that's what my biggest apprehension was about, being able to get around. While I was at school I realized a few things:
  1. This was the first college course I've been in in a YEAR
  2. I hope my brain remembers how to work
  3. Doing something for the first time everyday could go either way now that I am in school again.
  4. I have no text books and no
  5. I think I want to join a sorority...?
Over all the course seems very self driven and reminds me of my A. P Lit class a bit but this teacher actually TALKS to us. Lol

Thank you for reading!

August 29th: Odwalla and Luna

This was my FIRST day of class at Baruch!
I woke up extra early, got ready, woke up Leilani, fed her and got her ready, bought my unlimited metro card and we were off to the schools early child development center to drop her off. Since it was the day after Irene the subways had a bit of a delay so I was going to be late to class! Then I remembered that I didn't pack Leilani a lunch and had to stop and buy her one, which was going to make me even LATER! After stopping into an extremely expensive grocery store and spending a small fortune on yogurt, bananas, juice and a sandwich we were off, RACING, to the daycare center.
Imagine my surprise when I get to the center and one of the teachers informs me that class... were... canceled!
I felt like saying seriously?! WTF?.
The night before I was on the website and checked to see if classes were going to be canceled and it said NOTHING! UGH
On the BRIGHT side it was a beautiful day so we had lunch at Union Square park. Then we went for a walking tour of Gramercy Park, Greenwich village and the meat packing neighborhood!
So I tried Odwalla's Mango Tango juice for the First time!! That juice is AMAZING! It was soo good and thick and taste like real juice! Now the price.... was a too much but worth it so I guess it works.
Yummy (overpriced) Mango Tango

My other First of the day was trying the Luna bar flavor Vanilla Almond and it too was very good.

Another First of the day having a worksheet appointment with an academic adviser. The appointment was AWESOME the adviser helped me so much and  helped me put a lot of thing into perspective for me.
Total First of the day 3!

August 28th: The Bluest Eyes

Being that this was the "day of" hurricane Irene the subway and most of the city was still shut down so I had a simple First.
I began reading a little bit of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eyes. There has been a lot of controversy about the movie The Help coming out and how against popular beliefs it is NOT non- fiction and that there were real non- fiction books about such subject matter and The Bluest Eyes was one of them.
Not that big of a First and I didn't get too far into the book on account of Leilani was extremely bored and wouldn't leave me alone.
Total First: 1- Beginning to read The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Auguest 27th: Boca Meatless Nuggets

I'm BACK!!
Wow that just reminded me of Poltergeist, now I want to watch that movie.
Any who I am be very glad to say that my family and I survived hurricane Irene with no injury to property or body and NO power outages. Good right!
Many things have changed since my last post. I am now officially a New York City college student at Baruch, a mother of a child enrolled for kindergarten and a VEGETARIAN!!
That's right I am going veggie!!I'm very excited!
After some very obvious and much needed life wake up calls I had to!
I care too much for animal to eat them. I know a lot of you maybe rolling your eyes but after getting emotional to Happy Feet in 4D I knew something was up and ever since then I have been thinking about making the change.
So far I am glad to say that I have only slipped up once! And the night I slipped I had a dream that people were eating bears, snow leopards and tigers raw! It was horrifying!
To help keep kick off my/our vegetarian life I went down to the grocery store, where people were going RABID buying massive amounts for the impending arrival of hurricane Irene, and bought some Boca Meatless Nuggets.
I cooked the nuggets and I can honestly say as a meat eater my entire life they are delicious, you can barely tell the difference! During all the times I've been thinking about going vegetarian I completely forgot about the variety of meatless products available so I was very happy when I found them.

Me and my Boca nuggets
Total First: 1!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Auguest 26th: Good Ole Samual Adams!

While I was doing minimal preparations for the New York City "welcome" of hurricane Irene I picked up some water, batteries, lighters, candles and OH yeah of course some beer.
This was my First ever Sam Adams I think. However, I am one hundred percent sure this was my First time drinking Sam Adams Cherry Wheat brew.
It is actually REALLY good!
When I get the chance I really want to go on tours of breweries especially those right here in the city and of course Boston!

Thank you for reading!
Total First: 1
  • Sam Adams Cherry Brew

August 25th: Chase App

This was another one of my "I was feel like staying inside all day" type of days but I had to go the bank and deposit a check I got. Now the bank isn't far, at all, but when you are tired from running around the city all WEEK/MONTH little things just seem like a DRAG. So instead I used modern technology and deposited my check via my bank app!
It was very easy you just fill in what account you want it in, sign, take a picture and that's IT!!
When you use the app be sure to be in a well lit room.
The whole process took less time then s teller doing it and the funds were available the very next day.
Another thing is DO NOT destroy the check UNTIL the funds are IN your account, not pending.

Total First: 1!
  • Depositing a check via banking app!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wednesday August 24th: Blue Caravan

My First for this day was supposed to be going to the planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History but that didn't work because they tried to charge me way too much. :)
Instead I decided to finally satisfy my sweet tooth however, finding a place to do this was harder then it seems. We, Leilani and I,  were on the Upper West Side and I was being way too picky about what I wanted. Finally, after some advice we settled into the Blue Caravan for dessert!
I told the waitress and a woman that was there what I wanted and they suggested a dark chocolate molten cake with a scoop of ice cream. Now, here's the thing, I REALLY wanted a HUGE warm brownie with ice cream on top but... they didn't have that. So we got the dark chocolate molten cake with a scoop of ice cream and OMG! it was heaven on a really cute plate! Leilani even told me that we had to go back because the dessert was so " DELICIOUS and AMAZING mommy!" Words can even describe how yummy the cake was.
The waitress was very nice and I would go back for her alone. She was very helpful and sweet and her accent was beautiful!

Total First: 2!
  • Going to the Blue Caravan 
  • and my FIRST ever molten cake!

Tuesday 23rd: Tangled

Even though I personally do not like Disney that much, I did promise my daughter a movie night so when she saw Tangled was available on Netflix she decided that was the movie she wanted to see. I like the movie but not really. I think it was to heavy for children, there were certain remarks I could have definitely done with out and them showing the "mom/witch/antagonist" fall out of the tower and THUMP on the ground was too much!
My first pick at the movie was the Stockholm Syndrome! I don't know why but Disney LOVES using Stockholm Syndrome and then the fact that a "MAN" always saves the girl is so UNREALISTIC and just difficult for me to enjoy or even want my daughter to see.
The fact that the beautiful princess has LONG BLOND STRAIGHT hair and the CRAZY wicked "mom/witch/abuser/antagonist" had dark curly hair is also very UPSETTING! Then **spoiler alert** if they girls hair is cut it turns brown and is dead and ugly. UM excuse me my daughter and I and all of my family have DARK CURLY HAIR.
Hey, DISNEY I have an idea, it might be a bit too crazy for you though. How about making a movie about a beautiful girl of colour who has the type of hair that a girl of colour has, you know possibly brown or even BLACK and have a little texture to it. Just an idea.
The things I liked about the movie... it was cute for face value but I don't think I will let my daughter watch it again. We will be sticking to my personal Disney favorites, good Ole Lion King, Bugs Life, Jungle Book, Mulan, movies like that.
Total First: 1! Disney's Tangled

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22nd: Circle Line Cruise, Guggenheim and a BEER!

So on this day I met up with my family once again and we all went to the Guggenheim Museum. Now this wants the First time I had been to the Guggenheim however, it was the First time taking my daughter and the First time seeing the work of Lee Ufan.
The First time I went to the Guggenheim was on a field trip in grade school and I can STILL remember seeing Picasso in person, breath taking for sure!
Upon arrival in true NYC fashion there was a man with a wonderful voice signing outside the museum for money.

When we got inside we used our City Passes which by the way are a BREEZE, if you are in the city they are definitely at least worth taking a look at.
The Guggenheim actually has FREE audio tour which is AWESOME because most museums charge a separate fee for them, I picked one up and realize this was my First time using an audio tour! I know I seem to live under a rock sometimes. The museum had work by Lee Ufan a Japanese artist that uses a lot of juxtaposition in his art. Personally I have a very hard time getting into the art at art museums with my daughter present. I'm more worried about her knocking something over, her telling me she wants to leave or look at something else or whatever itch she maybe having at the moment. From what I could gather from both my observations and the audio tour Mr. Ufan art is centered around the themes of nature versus modern industries, time and the use and lack of the use of space. I'm not going to lie or try to sound like a curator or anything, some of his art I understood and could relate to but some of it I just really... um... yeah...
Along with Mr. Ufan's pieces the museum had pieces by Picasso, Monet and van Gogh. I personally once again really enjoyed Picasso's art, Woman Ironing spoke volumes to me. His work also, to me, is very diverse which I appreciate because often times it seems that artist only go in one direction, which is fine but I like to see the diversity as well. I also enjoyed van Gogh's piece which the title slips my mind at the moment but it was a blue landscape and the pattern, direction and precision was very well executed.
Of course there are no photos to share because no photography is allowed in the Guggenheim.
After enjoying the art and the architecture so were off to the Circle Line Cruise!
This was my First time being on the Circle Line Cruise and it was fun and informational. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it as did I and we got some great views of the lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jersey and Ellis Island just to name a few. The cruise lasted two hours and they honestly flew by, I will be taking the cruise again at a later time for sure.

Lady Liberty

Chrysler Building from the cruise

After the cruise we hopped on the cross town bus and on the way there was a crazy lady that literally stood in front of the bus and wouldn't move until the driver let her on. Mind you she was not at a bus stop and made us miss three green lights. The nearest police officer just laughed at her and finally an officer on a horse came and moved her out of the way. It was very comical to say the least I mean who does that? *laughing*

The lady who can not be moved lol

After getting nesscary ingredients for dinner I had some Hoegaarden beer for the First time. The beer is imported from Belgium... good ole Belgium and it is really good. It has a taste to it that reminded me of a beer from Spain but I'm not quite sure which one because I had quite a few beers in Spain

First for the day:
  • Guggenheim with my daughter
  • Lee Ufan's art work and Audio tour
  • Circle Line Cruise
  • Hoegaarden Beer

August 21: Wall Street!

So for those that don't know me very well I am very into learning and one day FINALLY joining the wonderful, scary and unpredictable world of investing!
My cousin invited me to come down to Wall street with him and check it out so of course I went!
This was the First time that I ever went down to Wall street and being that it was a gloomy day probably really cut down on the crowd. I say the bull but didn't get a picture because it was still too crowded, I saw the "Wall street church", New York Stock Exchange and the Smithsonian Museum of Native American History. The placement of the museum is very um... how should I say... very metaphoric or ironic that its right next to the New York City bankruptcy court... I'm just saying.
Another thing to see on Wall street is the location that George Washington got sworn into office.
One day I want to go down to Wall Street on an early Monday morning and just people watch and eventually I want to get out onto a trading floor that's not 100% electronic so if any of you want to help me make that a FIRST!!!!! I would definitely love it! Just throwing it out there :)

Another thing that being on Wall street reaffirmed for me was the love I have for this wonderful, "scary" and unpredictable city. The architectural diversity is amazing. It's unbelievable that these buildings built CENTURIES ago are still standing and so beautiful. Like I said before the people that built these massive buildings didn't have the advanced technology we had today and they still managed to create beautiful pieces of art that still stand today.


"Wall Street Church"

Smithsonian. By the way I had NO IDEA this was down there. lol I smell another FIRST!:)

Well it is getting very late and I still have TONS of running around to do tomorrow so I am off to bed! Thank you for reading!  And ALi thanks for the previous comment! :)

August 20th: Park Slope

On this day I continued on my doing something for the First time everyday and went and did something I honestly should have done a long time ago and that was apply for insurance for my daughter and myself.
This was my First time apply for insurance in NYC and even though I didn't have all the necessary paper work the woman was very nice and still helped us out a great deal. After applying for insurance and eating lunch my daughter and I went down to Park Slope in Brooklyn to meet our family that was in town and take them over to one of my favorite places in NYC Coney Island. This was the First time I had ever rode the R and N train and gotten off at the Union station. The neighborhood at first glance was very nice and cute. After showing them Coney Island they invited us out for pizza and did we ever get pizza lol.

We asked a guy on the street where there was good pizza and after a few suggestions his father and him highly recommend Fornino Pizza which is located right in Park Slope.
When we got to the restaurant my initial reaction was to leave because it look REALLY expensive but we stayed and even though I didn't know what half the ingredients were I ordered a pizza and it was DELICIOUS. You can taste the fresh ingredients in the pizza and the plus side was that it was big enough to feed two. The restaurant's decor and general feel was also very nice and matched the delectable food and drinks. My cousin ordered two drinks and had no idea what they were and I enjoyed one that tasted like it had grapefruit and cinnamon in it.

Chicken Sausage pizza **YUMMY**

Total First:
  1. Applying for insurance in NYC
  2. Riding the R and N trains
  3. Being in Park Slope, Brooklyn
  4. Fornino Pizza and the mysterious delicious drink

Thank you reading and even more thank you to those that leave comments. I love comments ! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tom's Resturant and Saint John the Divine

Today after running some very important errands and making very important appointments, all before 1pm!!!, I was clear for the day and met my cousins in Central Park for some more sight seeing and showing them around a bit. After showing them a few spots in Central Park and we went to Tom's Restaurant. The restaurant most famously known for being the hang out of the Seinfeld cast in the famous show, Seinfeld.
Personally I have no idea if the taped inside the restaurant but if they did it wold be very difficult to because of the size of the place, its a lot smaller then it seems on the show.
I had a ham omelette and it was good. My cousins had the malt and a turkey wrap and the enjoyed their meals too.
Leilani and I outside of Tom's restaurant, Where George, Jerry and Elaine used to hang out!

 After Tom's we parted ways and Leilani and I went to Saint John the Divine Cathedral for the first time. It was pretty amazing! I think cathedrals are a true testament to what man can create and do with its bare hands. When most, if not all, cathedrals were built it was far before the invention of advanced machinery and these humongous cathedrals were still erected. However, the down side to some cathedrals is that there foundations were sometimes built on corruption.
Never the less the cathedral was breath taking and the attention to detail in impeccable. The people of these cathedrals took their time and had a story to tell. No detail was left out.
Look at the attention to detail!

From the street.

A side view.

I'm currently undertaking my third First of the day. Homemade Avocado hair mask!! I'll be sure to let you all know how it turns out!
Total First for today: 3!
  • (Seinfeld's) Tom's Resturant
  • Saint John the Divine Cathedral 
  • Homemade Avocado Hair Mask
Thank you for reading!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Empire State building at 9:30am, Metropolitan Museum of art till 3pm, Dylan's Candy Bar, then FAO Schwartz and finished the day in Central Park.
That was my day today!
My First for today were taking my daughter to the Empire State Building, going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and using a New York City Pass.
I am EXHAUSTED! To say the least.
I have some family in town and it is my younger cousin's first time in New York City and of course I want to show them around! Her and her father were nice enough to buy me a City Pass to enjoy the sights with them!
My daughter has seen the movie James and the Giant Peach before and she was especially thrilled to be on the top of the Empire state building where James landed. When I picked her up and showed her the view she smiled so hard I thought her cheeks were going to break! "Wow! Mommy look beautiful New York City!!"
It was really nice to be able to take her and I even learned that shes FREE! So we can go back anytime, until she turns six, and I only have to pay for myself.
After the Empire State Building we were off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was pretty excited and walking through there and seeing all the beautiful art was amazing and very nice. The museum is HUGE!! and can be overwhelming so if you go either go and just walk and let the museum guide you or your head is liable to literally SPIN. Unlike the museums in Madrid you can take pictures of the art in the MET, however there are a few limited areas where you are not able to. Another thing I did for the First time today was go on the Garden Roof of the museum and that provided some wonderful sights of the city as well.
After that we jumped on the 1 bus, also a First, and eventually walked over to a burger joint right around Hunter College campus. (I'll get the name and post it a bit later)
Leilani looking over the city on top of the Empire State Building

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's roof top garden.

Simply GORGEOUS! My favorite piece of art and then first time seeing anything like it, in terms of classical art not modern.

The day was wonderful and I am glad that I'm getting to know my cousins better!

Total First for today: 5!
  • Empire State Building with my daughter
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • MET roof top garden
  • Bus 1
  • and the burger joint
Thank you for reading and I will upload some more pictures tomorrow!

August 17th: Thai Kitchen Red Curry

Yesterday's First was using Thai Kitchen's Red Curry to make homemade Red Curry chicken with delicious jasmine rice. The food was good but unfortunately it wasn't as good as the red curry chicken I have from Thai restaurant's. However, that only means one thing! Try, try and try again until it comes out better then the Thai restaurant's! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Margaritaville SPIKED TEA

Since I am finally crossing things off my "To Do List" like a mad women I decided to reward myself with a little drink...or a few :)
I'm not much of a drinker and the fact that I always miss the liquor store hours maybe helps as well.
However, today I continued on my path of future planning and taking the necessary steps to make sure the plans I set in motion now will become a solid reality one day.
After so child less relaxing and appointment making I bought a six pack of Margaritaville's Spiked Tea to enjoy. At first taste I thought it was gross and then I took another sip and ... its not that bad. :)

Yes, that's my empty bottle.

My next First was trying Melona ice cream! Its a Korean ice cream that is surprisingly milky and fruity at the same time!I got it for free as I was strolling through Central Park and stumbled upon the second annual Korean Festival. Sadly, I got there too late and the food was being packed up :( but I got the ice cream for free and who can frown for long when you have ice cream, especially FREE ice cream? The bar was yummy and only 75 calories!! Yes I'm one of those that counts calories... I'll admit it.

At the end of the it was another fantastic day and I'm really excited at the continuous growth and change of my other blog!!