Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 1st- Sept 3rd

So my next few First are not going to be especially exciting for you but they were both essential and none the less exciting for me in the path to get my life on track here in New York City.
September 1st- Orientation
I was awarded a work study and had to attend the orientation in order to be able to apply for a job. The orientation was short sweet and simple however, to this date I have been unable to locate a position for my work study.
September 2nd- #9 bus, HSCA and Dunkin Donuts cold Apple Cider
On this day I had to go pick up my father's check and once again it was a wonderful wild goose chase. I went to the office I had to go to before only to find out that I had to go on the OTHER side of the Bronx and pick it up at a different location. On the way to catch the bus I stopped in and rewarded myself with a cold apple cider from Dunkin' Donuts. One thing about me is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE apple cider, any type of apple cider or apple flavor. The drink was good but I like warm apple cider better. I had to ride the #9 bus to get to the location, finding the #9 bus proved to be more difficult then I thought. I literally walked around in circles and stumbled upon the bus stop. Riding the bus was pretty exciting because it allowed me to see other parts of the Bronx I have never seen before.
September 3rd- Morning Star 

Since I am still early in my quest of vegetarian-ism I was experiencing some carnivorous withdraw impulses. Lol. I went down downstairs to the OVERPRICED and annoying grocery store to buy some Morning Star Meal Starters to include in a pasta dish. My "review" um... it taste like rubber pencil erasers, not
I mean I'll try them in a chili, but other then that... yeah no.

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