Friday, September 23, 2011

DiDi Dumplings, Club Fair and drinks.

While I was at school feeling quite famished I ventured outside of the vending machines and went to DiDi Dumplings. This place is cute, quaint and simple. After looking at the menu I decided to get the five piece vegetarian dumplings steamed, the dumplings were only $5!!
I got the dumplings and the sauce and they were both delicious.

Another few of my First are trying new drinks.

I have tried Casillero del Diablo Carbernet. The wine is a red wine and was nice... Lol
I'm sorry to be so vague but I'm becoming to realize that my "appetite" for drinking lately has been about zero, maybe it'll change maybe not.

Before realizing I was getting sick I purchased a different brand of coconut water. Whenever I get coconut water I either get Vita Coco or Naked however this time I got, Zico for the First time.
The flavor was nice and refreshing, however it was around $3 and for that price I can get one and a half Vita Coco or a brand I'm more familiar with; Naked.

While I was at my First Baruch club fair, which I will go into in more depth later, I was given a drink called "Snow" by the Undergrad Student Government. The drink taste like a soda but has vitamins as says it is healthy for you, cute concept and the drink was actually good. I will probably be trying it again but only in a original cocktail type drink, as I am not a soda drinker.

Stayed tuned for more First :)

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