Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baruch Math Placement test and NYC license!!

WOW!!! today I realized that things are falling into place officially here in NYC for me. Last nights post, which I've updated since, was short because I wanted to get to bed at a deceant hour so I could be fully refreshed for my math placement test today.
I for one have always struggled with math and any type of math test freaks me out. However, I pretty much conquered this fear by the end of my two years in community college, but when I realized I had to take another math placement test, which meant if I didn't score high I would have to once again take remedial math classes -_- I was a bit nervous!
Long story short I went and took the test, which was counted as my first today!
First time taking a placement test for Baruch and the first time being at Baruch with out my daughter, yup thats right I did college campus tours with my daughter and all the other tideous deliverying of information to Baruch with her as well. Shes my bestie :)
The test was okay it had trig on it which I have never taken and think I did a rather good job guessing through most of So I guess I know I'll be taking Trig my first semester lol.
When I got home and got my third First of the day.
MY NYC LICENSE!!!!! Now I'm official!! :) Although humidity attacked my hair the morning of my pic I think I look rather good. I'm so glad I have my license now it's not like I'm going to drive or anything but I got my license, I got my license!! Now I can stop caring my passport around :)
Well I need to get up early in the morning and work out! I've been really lazy about that lately :/
Thank you for reading!
Total First for today: 3!
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When was the last time you did something for the first time?
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