Friday, May 13, 2011

Performances, Stations and Acceptance Packages

Today I went to the 92nd Street Y with the kids, of course, to watch another dance performance. Once again the performances were lovely and very enjoyable. The theme for today was Tap, Capoeria and Hop. Today wasn't the first time I had seen a performance at the 92nd street Y but it was the first time I saw Hop and Tap in person. Once again the children and I were lucky enough to sit on the floor right in front of the action. I didn't know what Hop style of dancing was but soon learned that it is basically 1920's and swing dancing-esk.
The children really enjoyed the performances as did I. There was one "couple" that I really liked they did a bit of acrobatics with their dance numbers but the other dancers were not to be undo with their expectational performances as well. While watching the dancers it really reminded me how I want to get into dance, I took a few classes as a child but there was no consistency and I really want to get back into it. I also realized as I told the kids that dance is really unique and varies from genre, culture, country and even CITY.
After we watched the wonderful performances the kids and I went over to the park on 96th street, and this was another first because I had never taken them there before. After that we caught the crosstown bus, got the one train and went grocery shopping.
On the way to the store I stopped into an African Store that also does hair braiding and got a quote for my hair. Another first! I had never been inside this store and getting a quote for African hair braiding.
On the way home the taxi driver took a whole new way home which I had never seen. This was the first time I was on this side of the Bronx and seeing where Fordham rd ended.
Then when I got home I Opened My Acceptance Package From BARUCH!
Today of first today: 7!
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