Saturday, May 21, 2011

WOW what a DAY!

First for today: 6!
Sorry I'm BEAT so this post might make very little to no sense to a fully awake person lol.
My First first of today was buying something at the Baruch bookstore. I originally went to the bookstore to purchase a CD-ROM for my up coming SIM NET test for Baruch but ended up not buying it because I didn't know what Windows version I had and the CD is non- refundable and only works on certain versions of Windows. So instead I bought a lollipop for the kids and twizzlers for me... lol. I know but I couldn't walk out empty handed and they, the kids, were such good sports transferring from 3 different trains to have to walk in the rain,well not really because I held the umbrella over their heads like "they" do to royals, to the store, so hey the earned them!
After leaving the bookstore I did my second First of the day: eating at Outback. Okay so it may count as a First it may not but this was the first time I ever ate Outback in NYC, the baked sweet potato was killer!( After I took off all the unnecessary sugar, butter and cinnamon. I mean they're called SWEET potatoes for a reason they don't need that crap.)
I digress, my third First for today was taking the kids to Rockefeller by myself which in turn resulted into my fourth First: going inside the Lego store at Rockefeller. I had never been in there before and it was actually pretty cool. It had wonderful displays and Harry Potter lego sets of Diagon Alley and Hogwarts!
After that the kids an I walked over to Times Square and went to Toys R Us. We got on the Ferris wheel, My fifth First. I hadn't been on the ferris wheel before and it was surprisingly CHEAP, only $4.50 a person. However, I didn't like that it did not do one complete circle around but whatever the kids really liked it and I was really pumped too!Then after we got off of the ferris wheel I bought them each a toy, my sixth First: buying something from the Times Square Toys R Us.
Sorry to be so abrupt but I'm falling asleep as I type so I'm off to bed.
Thank you for reading pictures will be coming soon ( I lost my USB plug, sorry, well lost maybe too strong of a word I don't know where the heck it is in my room is more accurate)

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