Thursday, May 5, 2011

Central Park clean up and playing

What a great day a bit winding but nice over all!
I have been looking for volunteer opportunities that children can do with their parents since I've become a parent and I finally found one that didn't need you to commit days or hours. Central Park has a pitch in and pick up program program. The "program" allows anyone to go into any other the various visitor centers in Central Park and tell them that you want to pick up garbage and they give you a bag, gloves and a picker stick thingy... Then you are at liberty to pick up garbage around the park.
So this morning I woke up and decided this would be my first for today.
Pick up trash in Central Park. It was also a way to have the kids get involved in helping the environment and they would learn along the way.
The kids an I went to the center and got the equipment and picked up garbage around the area we were in. I'm not going to lie it felt "weird" at first walking around the park in bright blue latex gloves. I almost looked like I was in a work release program minus the bright orange jumper and the fact that  I had two kids with me. However, after a while it was nice to know that I was helping clean up an area, the park, that I love to spend time in.
After we were done "cleaning up" we went back to the visitor center and this was when I noticed it doubled as a recreation center! The lady inside was very nice and even gave the kids two certificates for "cleaning up" the park. We then checked out some sporting equipment for free! and played around the rec center.
This was another first for today. This was the first time I had been to this Recreation Center and the first time I checked out sporting equipment from it AND today was the first time I taught the kids to how to jump jump rope.

Doing their part

Scoping out the area

A job well done
Overall today was another wonderful day full of first.
Total first today: 4!!
Its crazy how one little first can lead to so many more :)
Remember to do your part to help the Earth and your immediate environment, every little bit counts. And volunteer even if its not for the environment, volunteer because it can be a great way to see new things, meet new people and its rewarding. I mean when people asked you what you did today you could say: I helped pick up garbage in the____ or I fed the homeless or I taught a kid how to ____, how awesome is that?
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