Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So this is all the ZOO!?

Two words. Bronx. Zoo. Ok I know i've been here before but today I saw parts of the zoo I didn't even know existed lol.
My First First of today was going inside the monkey house at the Bronx Zoo. It was a bit small and cowarded due to numerous field trips and it being pay as you like Wednesday.
However, there was this little Squirrel Monkey that was "playing" with a roach, yuck but cute at the same time. He would grab it and let it go and then observe it. It was funny because he was looking at the roach like we, humans, look at him.

Squirrel Monkey
My second First of today was seeing a Tapir (Tape- Ear). I have walked pass the thing a thousand times and never realized it until today. The things I like about zoo's and aquariums the most is the different shapes, sizes and unique characteristics of each of the animals. The Tapir almost looked like an ant eater, which I've only seen in pictures, but had a look all its own. I'm not really sure how to describe it.

Tapir at the Bronx Zoo
The third First of the day was getting on the shuttle, which was once again FREE because I'm a member, and going to the other side of the zoo. The kids an I got off at the Asia station but not before passing Africa and learning they had a LARGE African section 6 acres, give or take, an a gorilla compound! Upon arriving at Asia station we got on the mono rail, my fourth First, which takes you around a small section of the zoo that has animals native to Asia. We saw an elephant, deer, huge cows, deers and a few others that I shamefully don't remember.

On the Mono-Rail
Shortly after the kids an I went home and then left again to go to a little pottery place. However, when we got there I learned that it was only adult time, because they were serving wine, so we had to go :(
But we walked over to Central Park and found another park we'd never been to!
A Fifth First for the day!
Total first for today: 5!
Thank you for reading its late an I have to get to bed so I will update this with pics and a YouTube video!

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