Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sit in and Cinco de Mayo Parade

Today was a wonderful day to spend with my two lovely kids!
We started the day by going to Leilani, my daughter's, dance class. We've been to her dance class before but today was the first time that we were able to SIT-IN!! Since they, NYC, doesn't really do recitals until the kids are old enough to actually put on a well rehearsed and good show. Which I actually agree with and like better. Well today we, Damien and I, got to sit in and watch her dance. She did a great job and I got to see her dance instructor in action and boy is she nice, patient and entertaining. Shes gotten a lot better since I put her in dance. She was also very serious about dance. I don't know if it was because I was in the room or what but she was very serious.
After dance class I had plans for us to go to a Cinco de Mayo parade on the west side. Which meant that we had 2 options: walk through Central Park or take the cross town bus.
Being that I'm trying things for the first time I decided to catch the bus, since I've never done this before!
It was quick and easy on the legs.
Once we got to the west side we waited... and waited... and WAITED for the parade and after an hour and a half delay the parade finally started! The weather was great and the parade was fun and very colorful. The kids enjoyed it as did I and then we were off back home.

My Dutch chocolate.. YUM!!

Cinco de Mayo dancers
Todays' First
  • Sitting in my daughter's dance class in NYC
  • Riding the cross town bus
  • Watching a Cinco de Mayo parade in NYC
  • Eating a chocolate bar from... I mean a Dutch chocolate
More/ better YouTube video coming tomorrow
Thank you for reading!

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