Monday, May 9, 2011


OMG I just came back from a lecture that had both DANIEL RADCLIFFE(Harry Potter) and Jordan Roth. Both important men to the theater!
First let me say that Daniel Radcliffe is a little 5'5 cutie, with a great sense of humor and seemed really personable!
The lecture began with him walking in and the crowd going NUTS! Then he went on to talk about the new Broadway show that he is in "How to Succeed in the Business World Without Trying". A musical story about a young window washer (Radcliffe)  that uses his wit and perfect timing to climb to the top of the business world. Then he went on to talk about... omg I forget... I'm still in post shock! :)
I believe he went on to talk about Potter and how it all started and how his parents got him the audition just to do it and he got the part. He was only 10 years old when it all started and he didn't know what was really going on because his parents, rightfully so, were doing all the negotiations without him knowing. He seems like a really down to Earth guy and admitted to being horrible at school, "dropping out" (To do Equus in London) and that he really doesn't think he'll go back He also admitted that he isn't to fond of actors that are too full of themselves and don't stay grounded. Over all he seemed like the type of guy you just want to hug :)
He seems to be a very humble, humorous, down to Earth guy.
After talking about Potter he talked about how he feels about politics, LGBT community, poetry, and religion. Yup it went there. Lol
Over all it was great. And in true NYC form there was no photography allowed so I wasn't able to get a picture or steal a shot because the ushers were just too dam good lol.
At the end while he was walking off I tried to get a shot but my camera didn't take it quick enough and I got nothing! :(
I'm still really excited to have been in the same room with Daniel Radcliffe!! It was pretty amazing an I haven't been able to stop smiling!!!
I'm so glad that I started the daily First adventures and blog about it. My blogging in a way keeps me accountable and makes me keep my word to myself. While the adventures help me learn about myself and the city!
Thank you for reading!!!
I'm still "High" on Radcliffe!
But I'm tired and still have to do dishes so good night :)

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