Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Natural Hair

My first today had to do with my hair however my First for tomorrow is a HUGE one so I need to get to bed early tonight. So I will not be blogging tonight, sorry but I have placement test to take and PASS tomorrow at Baruch.
Thank you and have a great night sorry once again but I need to get a good nights sleep.
So yesterday was an other great rainy day(sarcasim). So I stayed inside mostly however,when the rain died down for a bit the kids and I want down to the store to get a larger container for my compost. Composting has shown me how much food scrapes I throw away in a matter of days.
Any how, when we're at the store I walked down the hair product aisle. I don't really use products in my hair and my over all additude towards my hair is: its there an I'll do something with it from time to time. I've always wanted to wear my hair "natural" and started doing so a little bit during high school but with no products and no effort I gave up, then after high school I started looking for more products and finally got the gall to just wear it no matter how big and poofy it was. Well long story short I cut my hair as you probably read before and now I'm back at square one with alot less hair... lol which is bad.
So back to yesterday... While I was in the aisle I found a carrot based deep conditoning prodcut and I've heard that carrot is realy good for conditioning hair so my first was buying a carrot based hair product. Then while I was walking out of the aisle I saw caps., like shower caps and sleeping caps, however I have never seen metalic conditioning caps.
So this made for my second First of the day. I bought the metalic conditioning cap because when using a deep conditioner you need to sit under the hair dryer and let the deep conditioner "cook" into your hair and since I don't own a hair dryer I bought the cap. On the packaging of the cap its said that the metalic cap uses your own body heat to help "cook" the conditioner in I didn't really believed it but for $0.99 why not? when I got home I applied the conditioner and put the cap on and boy does it use your own body heat! Lol I kept the conditioner in all day and night then washed it out this morning and it worked! I'm soo happy that it worked my hair feels moistureized and hydrated and the best part the cap was $0.99 cents the conditioner was $3.49! Perfect for my pocket and a cheap person like me!


Total Firt for yesterday: 2! But hopefully they continue to pay off! :)
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