Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mufaro, Composting and homemade Reese's peanut butter... fail

Today was another inside day... I know I know but the weather wasn't too nice and I have little to no funds.
Feeling that I haven't really given my daughter much attention lately I decided to read her a book that I liked when I was a child, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. When we went to the library the other day I found a Reading Rainbow DVD!! And it was Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters.
Today was the first time I read the book to my daughter and watched Reading Rainbow for the first time in at least a decade!
The next first was me starting my first and very own COMPOST bucket/jar! Since moving to NYC I have become a lot more environmentally conscious and have been making attempts to do my part in preserving the environment. While looking for green volunteer opportunities for my daughter and I, I came across a pamphlet that has a website full of resources for new Greenies, just made it up pretty good, no? anyways, the website had information about taking compost that people make in there own homes. As I read along some more I saw that they gave information on how to compost. Now a few things that have kept me from composting before was living in FL where compost pick up or drop off locations are not plentiful and the lack of information that led to me making my own shallow conclusions.
The website,, said to keep the oders to a minimum to simply place it in the fridge or freezer and keep newspaper scraps in the bottom of the container! Wow it was that simple! So I told my father that we, mostly I since I do the cleaning up, will be composting. I gabbed a jar and put my shredding on the bottom and my food scraps on top. Now its important to know what you can and can't compost and the website helped with that too.
My third and finally First for today was my HORRIBLE attempt at making homemade peanut butter cups. I have been wanting to make them for a while but never tried so I figured what they heck I have the supplies why not try it! Well... I didn't use butter which is very important, for some reason I burned the chocolate instead of melted and made too much filling. I just ended up spreading chocolate on a plate putting the peanut butter on it and putting the chocolate on it again. The result... was okay.

My hand and my homemade Peanut Butter cup fail
I will definitely try making the peanut butter cups again but follow directions and not try to cook steak at the same time, the reason my chocolate BURNED not melted lol.
Total First for today: 3
Thank you for reading!!!
And remember I'm always open to ideas!

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