Monday, May 23, 2011

Compost drop off and Blackberry Margarita

So today the kids an I left the house a bit late. I was going through it this morning lol but after about a gallon of Honey Chamomile tea I was relaxed and ready to go. I had to get my compost out of the freezer because it was taking just about all of it up and who needs compost in their fridge for that long anyways, so off we went to Union Square to drop off my compost.
This was my First first of the day dropping off compost. The collection is pretty big there are about 6-8 large trash bins FULL of compost and while I had my nice plastic container and a plastic bag I realized, that although not that environmentally friendly, I was going to be doing all of my composting out of plastic bags. They even have a collection at the composting site to recycle it for you and I can use and recycle my plastic bags:)... until they are all gone lol.
After that the kids an I hung around Union Square and when I decided it was time to go home I realized that I hadn't eaten since breakfast and probably should feed the kids. So we went to Fridays, after searching in Whole Foods, and I ordered my first alcoholic drink with MY ID!!! :)
I ordered a Skinny Black Berry Margarita, it was good and the waiter was nice enough to let me order off of the kids menu since I wasn't really hungry and very indecisive about what I wanted.
I ordered the spaghetti and marinara and it was actually quite good with the little side salad!

My Black Berry Margarita
Total First for today: 3
  • Compost drop off
  • First alcoholic drink with MY id... ;)
  • Ordering off the kids menu at Friday's
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