Sunday, May 1, 2011

Queens Zoo

Today was my first time really going to Queens. I had been to Queens before but I was younger and just stayed at a friends house and then left. If you still don't count that as my first then today was also the first time I had been to the Queens Zoo.
After taking my daughter to her ballet classes we headed over to the Queens Zoo, which is another long subway ride away. On our way to the zoo on the subway I saw part of the Manhattan skyline for the first time from Queens. When we go to our stop I quickly learned that the area of Queens the zoo is in has a large Mexican population. We got off the subway and began walking to the zoo which was more than a few blocks away. There were tacos trucks on the side of the road, numerous street vendors and food carts. It was really cool, the colors of the food the flags and jugs full of juice for sale were really cool to look at. I almost felt as if I wasn't even in New York City anymore. When we go to the zoo I was a bit disappointed at the small size of the zoo an my ankle weights were killing me! We walked around the zoo and saw, I'm not kidding, like 6 animals. Afterwards we went over to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Which today was the perfect day to go because some of the World's Fair were held in this very park and since today is the 160th anniversary  the first worlds fair. The park was full of families, mostly Mexican, enjoying the great weather and being with friends and family. Once again there were small barbeque's where women were cooking and selling shish kabobs, juice, water and various traditional Mexican snacks and foods.
It was nice to sit back and let the kids play and watch other families and this small, for lack of better phrasing, culture in front of me. Families playing, vendors selling, the zoo in the background and the wonderful weather to complete the wonderful Sunday. There were various different people from different cultural backgrounds all together here in a predominately Mexican park enjoying themselves and not looking uncomfortable or "put off" at all.
My first for today:
  • "Going to Queens"
  • Learning that some of the World's Fair were held in Flushings Meadow park and going there
  • Going to the Queens Zoo
  • Manhattan in the background with Biggie
    A huge bunny atthe zoo
    The park full of families and Sunday fun
  • Seeing part of the Manhattan skyline from Queens

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