Saturday, May 21, 2011

High Line, L train and Ricky's

Sorry another in and out post I will update it tomorrow with pics!! and a new YouTube Vid! :)
A few days ago while I was on Twitter I say the AMNH tweet something about an elevated park in the city so I clicked on the link and found High Line, an elevated park in the Meat Packing Disctirct.
After checking out the website I decided that I would make this one of my first. When we arrived to High Line it was raining but I was not about to let some rain ruin my adventure so the kids an I stayed and I'm glad we did. The park is really edgey, modern and bizzare all at once.
The history of the park is that it used to be a freight train path that has been convered into an elevated park. Sounds really basic but if you think about it, it's pretty bizzare. Train tracks are basically line exposed electrical wires and now growing over them are beautiful floors and full sized trees... growing out of train tracks...? The park was really nice and is opening up the next section of the park next month I believe, so I will be going back to check it out. They even had a little water feauture that the kids played in for a little bit.

Vegetation in the park growing out of the tracks

Lounge chairs built over/onto the train tracks.
The link to the website is:
I also made a YouTube video slideshow you can check out at:
Now to back track a bit I was on the East side of town at Union Square were I founds a Ricky's, which is a beauty store here in NYC, and went inside to see if they had a hair product for curly hair that I really don't want to order off line. This was my first time going inside a Ricky's and although they didn't have the product I was looking for they did have a lot of other things that I will be going back to to check out. After leaving Ricky's I got on the L train to go across town the High Line. This was also the first time I rode on the L train.
Thank you for reading sorry for being a poopy blogger lately but running around the city with 2 kids is EXHUASTING.
Once again thank you!

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