Sunday, May 29, 2011


The last two days have been hectic!
I was getting everything ready for my upcoming trip to Florida to return my nephew to my sister.
Needless to say the stress of having two kids full time with NO breaks and 101 other things on my mind have bought me to very high levels of stress! My eye was even twitching, which I've never had happen before and to top it all off I woe up yesterday feeling sickly -_- ! Shamefully I will admit that I have an anxiety problem when it comes to the anticipation of flying, which is really weird because I fly pretty regularly and practically lived on planes as a young child. Any how the flight was quick, nice and the kids behaved WONDERFULLY!
My first for MAY-27th was NOTHING :( Sorry guys I got nothing I guess you could say that my First was packing a suitcase for three people.
The process was pretty easy. My eye kept twitching throughout the entire process because the kids were playing EXTREMELY LOUD!!
As for now I am on vacation in Florida trying to get better so I can enjoy the rest of my vacation!
It feels good to be back with my sister and friends!
Thank you for reading! I will try to stay in blogging as much as possible ! :)
Thank you once again sorry this post is so all over the place.

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