Monday, May 30, 2011

MAY 29th: Fage, Bud Light and the pool

Sorry trying to play catch up so I will be uploading pictures at a later time. Currently I'm sickly, in bed and trying to relax and not being very good at it because my mind is going 1000 MPH! The good news is that I changed my settings so now EVERYONE can share their comments! :)

Anyhow. My first First of yesterday was going over to a family friends house and swimming in their pool. We all had lots of fun playing volley ball in the pool and being loud, competitive crazy woman! Leilani was hesitant about going in the pool at first but after I literally threw here in the middle of the pool she was fine and didn't want to get out later. After eating, taking a nap and jumping back into the pool we left and I met one of my best friend Shanika for some drinks and catching up.
Yesterday was also the first time I bought Bud Light and a new flavor of my favorite Greek yogurt:Fage.

Total First for yesterday: 3!
Like I said before sorry my post are so brief and late please bare with me as I get better!
If you have any suggestions or things I should do while in Florida let me know! :)

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