Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuna boat thing, Amazon, Night at AMNH and Burger King

After studying a bit for my up coming placement test for Baruch, I left the house and took care of a few things. First I returned the material we checked out back to the library and returned some clothing that was both too small and too big for the kids. The original plan was to go straight to the museum but the kids were hungry and all that was around was... you probably can guess from the title... Burger King. Now I really really dislike burger king or any other fast food chain, but broke people can't be too choosey and it was either eat in the Bronx or go the the UWS, upper west side, and get a piece of bread for the price of a "meal" at Burger King. So yes althoug I am ashamed to say it today was my first time eating Burger King in NYC.
After we went to the AMNH and walked around and learned a bit we returned home and we were hungry again. So I decided to make some Tuna Boat thingys... lol. The idea came from a blog I ran across via Twitter : I was reading the blog and saw this DELICIOUS lookig tuna on lettuce and decided I was going to make it some day. Well today was that I must say I went a bit vegtable and chop happy but it was all well worth it in the end. The kids ate some as well and shocked me at how quick they gobbled it up! Veggies are always a win!

Chop Veggie happy
Tomatoe, celery, parsely, cucumber, scallions, sweet peppers and OLIVES!!

My Tuna boat thingys with 7 grain bread.
I also spread some Olive Humus before putting the tuna on the romaine lettuce and that was great!
Then my last set of first for today are:
  • Renting a movie online from. I rented from Amazon
  • Watching Night at the Museum
Although I have been to the AMNH several times I haven't seen the movie and decided I wanted to watch it with the kids. So after checking Netflix and seeing that they didn't have it available for streaming I looked up iTunes which just confused the crap out of me and then found it on Amazon :)
Total First for today: 4
Thank you for reading!

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