Friday, May 13, 2011

May 12th first: Library

After a MUCH NEEDED good nigth sleep I woke up and went to the library to do a few things but above all get a library card!
Today was the first time I went to the library since moving back to NYC and the first time going to the Kingsbridge location and getting a library card!
The kids and I went to the library to get books and for me to print out nessacary things to finish reserving my spot for Baruch's fall semester. I felt really bad that I had no idea how to get around the library or how to do anything. LOL bad I know, but I haven't been to a REAL public library in what feels like ages!
After learning how to apply for a card, finding the kids floor and printing out my papers that I needed the kids and I left with a book and DVD for the each of us.
I must say that I was a bit over whelmed by the amount of books and information avaiable even for a smaller branch but I will def go back and really start using public libraries because they are really beneficial and FREE! All thought the mayor of NYC is trying/ will cut back the bugdet and only have the libraries open for 4 days instead of 6-7.
Tangent in 5...4...3...2...1
I am going to take this time out and express how FUSTRATING and ANNOYING it is when politicains decied to cut funding on things that will BETTER and EDUCATE the younger generations!
Libraries are often times a way to keep kids off the streets and out of negative behaviors. If you cut after school programs, libaries, music programs and so on and so on you're not only saying I don't care about "the kids" but I don't care about the future of _____ as well. Just because these programs don't give tangible results **cough** MONEY **cough** it doesn't mean they are not worth it more then often its the untagible results that are worth the most!
Ok i'm done :)

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