Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kites in Central Park

Today I woke up knowing what adventure i wanted to embark on but the kids had their own set of plans.
Today the weather was WINDY! and they had been wanting to fly their kites for quite sometime now. So with the weather ideal for flying kites off we went to the the park.
We went all the way down to 59th street because I wanted to see if the Central Park Carousel was open.
Once we got off the train we went to the park and played for a bit and then I saw the carousel was open! Yeah another first for the day!
I got three tickets and we hopped on the carousel for a ride. The ride was well worth the $2.50 because you actually went around it more then two times, unlike other carousels.
After we got off the carousel we walked over to an open lawn and flew our kites.
This was another first for today I had never flown kites in Central Park before.
The weather was a bit too windy because the kites got whipped around a bit. I must say my daughter is really god at flying kites her kite probably fell only twice!

Once again another adventure on a great day with great company.
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