Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wonderful weather calls for a PICNIC!

Once again I took on something new today!
The weather today was great! I mean NO jacket/sweater, gloves or scarves nessacary, Just shorts
(with leggings underneath) and a tshirt! The original plan was to head over to Queens, but becuase of construction the ride would have been just as long as the Aquarium trip so I decided not to go.
So off to Central Park we went. I packed us a lunch and we had an impromptu picnic on the rocks in Central Park with live Mexican folk music in the background.
I had never had a picnic in Central Park so that was a first, of many I am sure :)
We ate our lunch under a beautiful Cherry Blossom tree. The kids ran around a bit and gave me the chance to finish the book I was reading.
This book was the second book I had read by the author, Robert Rosen, but this was the FIRST John Lennon book I had ever read and boy was it AWESOME! A must read for any John Lennon fan or just a great read in itself. The book really got me think about how people can be so hurt and hollow inside and appear perfectly zen and calm on the outside. This book has something that sets it apart from other books about John Lennon, even though I haven't read any, becuase the author actually READ and SAW John Lennon's diarys. So what is in the book is what John himself was feeling and going through. Its eerie how different he was to the outside world and to "his" world. And how people can almost just float through life and not really stop an enjoy it.
Well I have to get off to bed its getting late!
Good Night and thank you for reading.
Sorry todays adventure wasn't too exciting, but daily adventure with two toddlers can really tire you out.

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