Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 21st: Unicycle riding and lots more.

I guess camping in Marquette Michigan Tourist Park should've been included in my last post but... I'll include it here.
After waking up from my first night of camping my sister Isabel and I went for a run. The weather was going to get up to 100 degrees so the sooner we left for our run the better.
One thing about me is that I have an indifferent attitude towards running. My sister on the other hand not so much, thats all she does! So keeping up with her was a bit difficult but I think I did a good job! After our run we jumped, well more like eased ourselves into the freezing cold waters of Lake Superior! 
Yup! This was my First time I was in Lake Superior.
After getting back to the campsite my mother suggested that I try the unicycle that one of her friends had and naturally I did!
I would say that trying the unicycle is A LOT harder then it looks and I did a pretty good job for it being my First time on a unicycle. Another thing that I learned was that the seat on a unicycle is all an ALLUSION, because you are basically standing the whole time and even though I didn't make it very far I think I did a very good job for the First time.
After a long day of SCOURGING 102 degree weather we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wing Marquette and boy was that an episode an a half! The food was really good but EXTREMELY HOT!!! I was literally crying from the combination of heat and laughter.
OH! I completely forgot I also tried WoodChuck Hard Cider for the First time at Buffalo Wind Wings. It was really good and brings my total to 4!
Once again thank you for reading and photos are coming!

July 20th=6!

I don't like to bulk blogging too much so I'm going to try my best and break down the days accurately.
July 20th.

A little geography lesson:
Michigan is made up of two peninsulas, the upper and the lower, and they are made peninsulas by the five great lakes that surround them; Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan and Lake Erie.

On this day we began  our drive to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Even though I lived in Michigan for several years I had never been to the Upper Peninsula so this was the First First of the day. Leysis, Leilani and I were in the same car an I think Leilani learned from our past family road trip from Florida to Michigan to just sleep as much as possible because thats all she did.
I like being with Leysis because we don't talk ALL the time but it seems like our moments of silence are just enough, I don't know about her, but leave me feeling like we've spent hours together. :) Ok enough with the mushy stuff.

The ride, since I didn't drive, was about 7.5 hours and surprisingly didn't feel too treacherous.
In order to get to the Upper Peninsula you need to cross over Mackinac Bridge and as you may have guessed this was my second First of the day. I got some great pictures and even saw men working on the highest point of the bridge which was crazy to see!
The ride over the bridge also provided me with my third First of the day: seeing lake Huron for the First time!
After crossing the bridge we got some great scenic shots of Lake Michigan!
We had to stop at a gas station to get some gas and were very surprised to see that there was no spot to put in a credit card to pay for the gas. I remember Leysis saying "What kind of place is this!?", sarcastically before we walked inside to pre pay for our gas and then when got inside we were thrown back again when the women looked at us like we were crazy and said " You pay AFTER you pump." I have this this inability to keep my mouth closed when it comes to saying inappropriate things and said "Oh! You guys run on an honor system! We'll have to hit you guys up on our way back out! "
After leaving the time machine gas station we kept driving and then arrived to Marquette, Michigan Tourist Park.
This was the First time I had been to Marquette Michigan and the First time being at the Tourist Park.
Our mother arranged for us to arrive to the tourist park a few days early before the music festival began to camp a bit and see the festival grow right before our eyes.
Being the "spoiled city slickers" that we are we rode into town for dinner at The Wild Rover, an Irish pub. The food was very good and their fries were good too. I'm not much of a fry person so for me to say that is kinda a big deal, to me at least. I don't even eat Checker fries that much, I think their really good and I'll order a small value fry but only eat like 5.
The above First bring my grand Total of First for the day to 6!
Thank you for reading! and there are many more to come this was just the First day of camping.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 15-19th bulk blogging

This will cover July 15th to July 19th.
My family has been going to a cottage in Ludington, Michigan for years now. The cottage is a great get away and also a chance to truly enjoy one another and the tranquil environment.
This was the First time that my daughter and I had been in Ludington together, I was very confident she would love it and she did. While in Ludington these are the First that I did.

First time biking 8 miles! One morning I woke up and felt like going for a bike ride and being that Lake Michigan is such a short distance from the cottage I decided to bike to the lake and take a dip in the lake.
This was also the First time that I biked to Lake Michigan and jumped in.
My next First was kayaking with my daughter.
My sister Leysis and I always seem to make our way into a kayak whenever we are together and we used to kayak when we were younger all the time. I don't know what happened in the last few years that we haven't kayaked but we were short of a mess. The cottage that we go to has a river that flows right behind it  and this is where we kayak. After getting our life jackets on and the kayak in the water we were off. In circles, but off none the less.
My daughter enjoyed being in the kayak and the water however we rowed our butts out of the water after some mystery river thing jumped out at us.
Another one of my First was sand dune climbing with my daughter. Sand dune climbing is also another thing that I enjoy a lot and seeing my daughter run up the huge sand dune.
Family friend of ours invited us out to eat with them and this was the First time that I ate at the Ponderosa Ludington. It was great to hear stories about the couple, they have been married since forever and seem to work so well together. It was great to hear the quirky stories about them and just see a couple that had been married for a long time.
 Another First was eating Mama Chicken. My sister Isabel made it and generally I don't like creamy soup cans recipes but the mama chicken was very good.
Like I said before I'm trying to catch up and photos will follow and my awesome video of me cliff jumping!
Thank you for reading :)

July 15th: Rockford

I arrived in Michigan with my daughter a few hours late due to Delta's ability to always be late. However, I was greeted by one of my lovely sisters, Leysis and we were off to her house for a bit. After arriving at her home and me walking around and looking at everything we left to go to our mom's house in Rockford.
This was my First for the day, going to Rockford.
First off its the WOODS! lol but it wasn't too bad. 
Total First for July 15th: 1!
  • going to Rockford, Michigan 
O0oo00h! I forgot that this was also the day that I was ABRUPTLY told that my dog, Mica, was DEAD! I was literally walking up to the door telling my daughter about the beautiful big white dog that would be inside when my sister, Isabel, goes: "Hey, I don't know if Lillie(my other sister, yes I have a lot of sisters) told you but Mica is dead. SURPRISE!" Of course I didn't believe her one, because I always considered Mica a puppy and two, because of the way she told me so I proceeded to call Mica and of course she never came. It was pretty screwed up but Mica was 12/14 years old and a big dog so it was her time :'( 

Thank you for reading! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My next few post...

Since I did sooo many things for the First time since the 15 of July my next few post are going to be very scrambled and full of First. In other words its not going to be as structured as usual. But they will be great post with great First.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for kayaking, cliff jumping, bike riding, unicycle riding and awesome pictures of the upper peninsula and ALOT MORE.

July 14th: SHANIKA'S 21st BIRTHDAY

On July 14th one of my best friends, Shanika FINALLY turned 21!
So of course we hit the town.
My First First for the day was going to the Red Rooster in Harlem and watching a performance by one of Shanika's friends.
The Red Rooster is a very nice restaurant in Harlem right off of the 125th street subway station. I must say that the restaurant was full of beautiful people and beautiful decor.
After that the group of us headed over to Lea. A very nice French cafe that had crepes, panini and HOOKAH!!! Lea also had a really cute atmosphere it felt like we were sitting in someone's very inviting and nicely decorated living room. We got two hookahs both were great and very clean but I preferred the mint one to the peach blend. 
These were my second and third First of the day, going to Lea and enjoying hookah.
After we were done at Lea we went next door to the Thompson, which also happened to be a ROOF TOP BAR!!! Which is just what the birthday girl wanted for her 21st!
Once upstairs we enjoyed a birthday shot and the wonderful skyline on both sides. The music was WONDERFUL and the DJ was great, they played a good blend of everything. This was my Fourth First of the day.
After all the dancing we were on our way home and while we were in the subway station this girl was trying to save a huge wounded subway RAT. In short it was quite the episode and only something you can see in NYC.
Total First of the day:4!
Thank you for reading!
Pictures will come later I'm trying to blog it all down and then come back and upload all the pictures.

July 13: Numerology

I'm catching up on my blogging so please bear with me.
My First for July 13th was calculating all of my numerology.
If I calculated accurately then my destiny number is: 1 which is the leader of the pack and the correlating planet is the Sun.
My zodiac number is 9 because I'm an Aries.
My birth path number is 4
and my house number works very well with where I currently am in life.
Some of the calculations were a bit confusing but I got through it and was pleasantly pleased.
Total First: 1! Numerology
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am currently on my way to the upper peninsula in Michigan to go camping.
I'm super excited even though I lived in Michigan for several years this will be the first time! I haven't been able to blog lately because I was in cottage near lake Michigan and had no internet or 3G. I have stayed true to my year mission of doing something for the first time everyday but don't have the time or patience to blog about them all on my tiny iPhone screen :) sorry.
A few of my First were:
Biking 8 miles
Going to Rockford, Michigan
Sand dune climbing with my daughter
Kayaking with my daughter
and a several more!
This Michigan trip has been wonderful for me and very reflective.I feel that the solitude and not having Internet, 3G or distractions has truly been a blessing and just what I didn't know I needed.
Thank you for reading.
Sorry about any horribly miss spelled words. Blogging on my phone while in a car :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted lately

Sorry my computer is down and my dad is always on his thats why I haven't been able to blog. However, I have been sticking to my First and have quite a few to blog about when I get the chance. I 'm leaving to Michigan in a bit so I can' do it right now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The heat is -__-.

So today the heat was horrible. I don't care what anyone says summers in New York City, temperature wise, are a lot worst then Florida.
The combination of the heat and being up so late last night made me uncomfortable and not very productive.
I also realized that doing finding FREE exciting things that are air conditioned are hard to come by!
My First Fist of the day was joining Travel Its a website that is for travelers by travelers!
My next First was bleaching my little sisters hair before dying it blue and of course I couldn't resist bleaching and dying a little strand of mine either so I DID!
I got the bleach on my sisters scalp and as she was reading the effects of having bleach on her scalp she JUMPED up and screamed GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! while running to the bathroom. So we washed it out to cam her nerves.
As I type this I am currently letting the blue color cook into my hair and SWEATING MY ____ off!
The blue is washed out and you can tell but I don't like it too much maybe because I did too small of a section.
Bleached hair 

Blue streak in my hair
Oh by the way I had to use my bare hands to help my little sister put the blue in her hair so my hands look like I delivered a baby Smurf! and now I'm going to have blue hands when I go to the Academic Advisement tomorrow.
Total First for today: 4!

  1. Joining Travel
  2. Bleaching my sister's hair and dying it blue
  3. Bleaching and dying my own hair blue
  4. DYING IN THE HEAT WHILE I TYPE!(Not really a First)
  5. Watching Kevin Hart as my hair cooked.
Thank you for reading! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Orchard Beach and Transformers 3

My First for today was going to Orchard beach, which is located in the Bronx. My sister and a family friend were going and invited me to come with and after thinking of excuses NOT to go I decided, why not? and I was on my way to the beach.
When we got to the beach it was PACKED! There were people everywhere either enjoying the water, the playgrounds or the various courts for any sport you wanted to play.
This was also the First time that I went swimming in a beach in New York City. The water was cold and not too clean. My sister dived underwater and when she came up she had a plastic bag on her head. LOL
I soon got out because the water was too cold and to be honest it didn't really feel like a beach. I mean there are signs on the pier at Coney Island that warn you not to eat the fish fished in these waters unless you're over the age of 14. If thats what the fish live in then what am I swimming in?
Over all it was a good First and I will try other beaches in New York City.
My sister Lily and I <3

Later on my younger sister, Lily, and I went to the movies to see Transformers 3 for the First time. To be honest I'm not that much of a movie goer and the last Transformers film was dry so I didn't really want to go but I wanted to spend some time with my sister so I agreed. :)
The movie was surprisingly good! I think it was way too long and too dramatic at certain times but it was good. Go ahead and laugh at me but I actually felt a little bit emotional when the Decepticons were killing the Autobots. Yes, I know, I'm crazy.
And I would have to agree with the rest of the world the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is way hotter and better then Megan Fox. The Asian guy from the Hangover 1 and 2 was also in it and as usual he was hilarious.
Over all a good movie, they could've cut out some scenes but I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others. As always one of my many celebrity crushes, Shia Lebouf, did great too. In this film he brought back some of his quirky, weird funny that he bought the old Disney Show Even Stevens. Which is were I originally fell in crush with him. :)

Total First for July 11th: 3!

  • First time ever in a New York City beach 
  • First time to Orchad beach 
  • First time watching Transformers 3
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

7!!! First today. Gosh I'm tired !

Today isn't even over and I had SEVERAL First.
Today Shanika and I had a picnic on the Great Lawn in Central Park. This was the First time I had a picnic on the Great Lawn in Central Park and it was great. The weather was great, scenery was great, food and most of all the company!
After we had our picnic and catching up with one another we were off to a restaurant for Indian food. Yes we were still hungry after our picnic, we love to eat :)
Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the Thai restaurant we went to. However, it was on the Upper East Side on 2nd ave between 87 and 88. The ambiance and decor was nice and the food matched.
This was the my second First of the day: going to this restaurant. While at the restaurant I had Thai sweet tea for the First time as well. 
A third First: Thai sweet tea. It was really good I could taste the brewed tea and milk mixture complemented it greatly. I ordered something new for the First time as well Masaman instead of my usual red curry. The masaman bought my total First to four.
After the restaurant we were off to Brooklyn Bridge. This was the first time that Shanika had been to the Brooklyn Bridge and the First time I walked all the way across. The First time I went to the bridge was with my daughter and nephew Damien and you can read about it in my other post : 
Walking all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge brings my growing total to five!
After we walked across the bridge we went into a book store and it was my first time there too. Then we went to a grocery store to get some Brooklyn Summer Ale. Shanika had it before and told me I had to try it. 
We walked over to Brooklyn Bridge Park and D.U.M.B.O, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. As you may have guessed another First but i'll count this as one because they are basically one in the same. Running total of First to 6 (not counting the book store or grocery store). After waking around the park taking copious amounts of photos we sat on the rocks to enjoy out Brooklyn Summer Ale. However, the caps either weren't twist off or we are both really weak so we did the only thing left to do, open it on a rock :) Lol. I know I know but I wanted to try it. The beer was really good :) I liked the taste and it wasn't too heavy or watery but just right. 
Trying Brooklyn Summer Ale brings my total to 7 and getting on the four train at the Borough Hall statin brings it 8.
Total First for today: 8!
  1. Great Lawn picnic in Central Park
  2. Thai Sweet tea
  3. Masaman
  4. the restaurant which the name escapes my mind ...sorry
  5. Walking all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge 
  6. Going to Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO
  7. Brooklyn Summer Ale
  8. and Borough Hall

Yummy Thai sweet tea

Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge 

Different view of the Brooklyn Bridge , from Brooklyn

DUMBO from a distance

Brooklyn Bridge Park/ DUMBO
Gorgeous right?!

Brooklyn Bridge in the background. The wall of people at the lower right hand corner are people at a wedding :)

I know I look tired with my Brooklyn Summer Ale but I was! I walked a lot today 
Just because I wanted to:)
Thank you so much for reading!

July 8th: Google+ and Wale

Yesterday I really wanted to head over to another bridge for the First time however, I gave my father my unlimited metro card so I was stuck. When my father finally got home it began to thunderstorm so going to a new bridge was not going to happen.
However one of my tweeps, Twitter friends, invited me to join Google+.
So my First was joining and using Google+.
I think that concept is a good one and i'm anxious to see what they change, add and improve. Its also kinda scary that Google had my resume and several other things that i've done on the internet. Just goes to show you that once its up its up.
My second First was listening to Wale. I have had many friends talking about Wale and how he is a great artist and how real his music is. So yesterday I finally checked him out and he's pretty good. I only listened to two songs but they were good and i'll definitely check him out again.
If you have any artist, in all art forms i.e-photography, performers ect, that you think are good let me know I like to check out new artist. :)
Once again thank you for reading. Don't be a stranger leave a comment or subscribe :)
Total First for July 8th: 2!

  • Google +
  • Wale
Thanks for reading.

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 7th: Free Yoga

Yesterday I really wanted to go to Bryant Park for the free yoga classes however as the time for me to leave got closer I realized my phone was dying. I didn't want to be in the city with my phone dead when my little sister would have my daughter so I didn't go.
I was also tired and laying in bed being a crabby bitch, sorry Bill, but I really wanted to do something and not just lay in bed and be short with everyone.
I began searching for a fitness class to go do. I remembered that the parks and recreation centers have free fitness classes for their Shape Up NYC and decided to check one out.
The one I found on such short notice was conveniently yoga :)
I hopped on the train and was on my way.
I had never been to the Asser Levy Recreation Center which is where the class was. So this was a First for the day.
Going to the Asser Levy Recreation Center.
The second First was taking a yoga class at an New York City recreation center.
The class was amazing and FREE! The instructor did a great job and her timing was perfect.
The only complaint is a personal one. When I do yoga I don't like to hear songs with lyrics in them and some of the songs had lyrics but I mean thats not a big deal.
I really enjoyed the class. The reason I like yoga so much is because it releases everything. The bad, the heavy, the unpleasant and leaves you feeling whole and empty, a good empty, at the same time. You just feel so light and less likely to jump down someone's throat.
If you haven't tried it you definitely should its a great stress reliever and a great work out.
The best part about the free classes is that anyone can take them.
When I got back home I was so much nicer and pleasant.
I will definitely being going back for yoga and other fitness classes, in fact I might go back today for Afro-Brazilian work out!
Total First for July 7th

  • Going to the Asser Levy Recreation Center 
  • Taking a yoga class at an NYC recreation center

Thank you for reading :)
Go try something for the First time! Its fun and can teach you about yourself.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Water Hydrant at 11pm at night? I think so!

*Updated with pictures *
As I was walking home from dinner with my family my sister an I were thinking of a First to embark on when... I saw, what I call an New York City pool, an open fire hydrant!
I have never played in an open fire hydrant so.... I did!!
That was my First for the day, playing in a fire hydrant!
My daughter an I jumped in first and the water was COLD!! but it was very fun!
Then my sister jumped in an we all played for a bit. However, I got cold and became the party pooper because I was freezing and because I realized that it was 11pm at night. 
Total First for today:1!
  • Playing in the open fire hydrant
Get IN MOMMY! Wait

Its coooold :)

Thank you for reading check out my other blog

July 5th: Apple on 5th, FAO and Dylans

After having no First on July 4th I hit the pavement with my youngest sister and daughter in an effort to make it up to you guys and myself.

I have seen the Apple Store on Fifth avenue but I have never been inside of it so.... A FIRST!!
When we arrived to the store we saw that the store was undergoing some cosmetic construction and I was not able to snap a picture of the awesome glass box :( but I have got one for you :)
If you haven't been to the it is all underground and you need to either take the elevator or stairs to the store. We all piled into the elevator and went down to the store. As you would expect an Apple Store on fifth avenue in New York City was pretty crowded but not as bad as I imagined. We walked around the store a bit and my daughter played on the MAC's that are set up with games for children.
After the Apple store we went next door to FAO Schwarz.
This was another First, taking my daughter to FAO Schwarz.
The First time I was in FAO Schwarz was when my high school's choir department came to New York City to sing in Carnegie Hall. My daughter, sister and I walked around saw some really cool toys and some really dull ones that were WAY over priced.
Then of course you can't go to FAO Schwarz and not get on the giant piano, so we located it and I let my daughter get on it.
One piece of advice is bring socks for your kid, because the smell of feet was OVERWHELMING and tons of kids play bare foot on it everyday. Gross.
After we left FAO we went to another First, Dylan's Candy Bar.
The store was really cute and had a good assortment of candy and to my surprise it wasn't too over priced. I got my daughter an I a lollipop and checked out the actual candy bar, but didn't get anything because my daughter still hadn't eaten dinner and I was not going to give her a brownie for dinner.
Then after we left Dylan's Candy Bar we went to Verizon for my sister and they told her that she was screwed and needed a new phone lol.
Sorry Bill.

 When I got home I was done for but cooked some really good spaghetti and off to bed we were.
Total First July 5th: 3!

  • Apple store on 5th Avenue 
  • FAO Schwarz with my daughter
  • Dylan's Candy Bar

Thank you for reading!
And don't forget my other blog
Pictures coming i'm on my sisters MAC and can't find my pictures right now lol Sorry

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th: ....

I've failed you! I guess you could say that my First for the 4th of July was not doing something for the First time in 86 days.
Or you could say that me going to buy beer then realizing after I climbed five stories to my apartment that I got light beer instead and had to go right back for a normal calorie packed six pack of beer was my first. But yeah nothing to exciting for the 4th.
Sorry :'(
However, the following day I had a few good First :) So don't lose faith in me yet.

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 3rd: "Why did I get married too?"

So yesterday was a really laid back day which I think I needed so I had a laid back First.
I know that I'm really late but I watched Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too" for the First time.
And wouldn'tcha you know I cried like I always do on Perry's movies but I cried on this one because it was about love. The lack of it, how subjective it is, the abundance of it and the need to FORGIVE and to just love.
Sorry if you haven't watched it yet but I will spoil some of it if you keep reading.

First off the need to want to be loved is so strong that people don't know how to handle or deal with it. Often times people will settle for what they think is love because they want it so bad and then live  hollow lives.
The lack of effort that people put into relationships is also sad. We are often blinded by how blessed we are and don't realize that love is so rare and that when we have it we take advantage of it. Don't let pride or a dispute ruin a relationship that you may not be able to get back. Throughout the movie Patricia, played by Janet Jackson and her husband Gavin were going through a horrible divorce after 14 years of marriage. There was so much hurt and resentment on both sides and in the end it was Patricia going to Gavin's office and humiliating him that ended his life by a car accident, as he sped out of the parking lot trying to get away from her.
Life is so delicate and a prize. If you are or when you are in a dispute with a love one and have THOUGHT about apologizing (even if you are not at fault)just DO IT! You never know when that person maybe taken away from you.
Another thing that I'm trying to do in life is say I Love You every time I finish a conversation with a loved one. Why?, because that way you know the last thing you said to them.

Okay this is getting to emotional for me lol.
Total First for July 3rd: 1!

  • Watching "Why Did I Get Married Too!"
Thank you for reading :)
Oh and Janet Jackson's performance was great. 
Golf club scene.. lol 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 2nd: Bronx Summer Stage and St. Mary's

The other day my First was seeing Freshly Ground in concert at Summer Stage in Central Park. While I was there I received a book that had the calender of events and the locations as to where that event would be taking place. I had no idea that Summer Stage ran in all five boroughs and while I was looking through the book a show that would be taking part in the Bronx caught my eye and I decided this would be my First for today (July 2nd).
As you may have gathered by now from my previous post or through my other blog I love the arts and take my daughter along so she can learn about the arts and how wonderful they are.
After doing a few things around the house and spending far too much money at Target (AGAIN! ) we were off to Saint Mary's Park, one of the locations of Summer Stage in the Bronx. As I was going to transfer to the 2 train I learned that the 2 was not running and so I would have to take a free shuttle bus to Saint Mary's Park. Being that I had no idea where the park was, because I'd never been to it I wasn't sure where I was going but got on the free shuttle bus anyways.
My First First of the day: Getting on a free MTA shuttle bus
After getting off at the wrong stop and using the hell out of Google Maps on my phone my daughter and I finally arrived at Saint Mary's Park.
My second First of the day: Going to Saint Mary's Park.
While walking through the park it bought me back to my childhood. When summer/life was about riding bikes, eating and the world didn't seem so big because your world consisted of your house and your neighborhood. Now Saint Mary's can be what some would call a "ghetto" park but to me it was a park. A place where families and friends gather to enjoy one an other's company. An as I looked around I saw that everyone, moms, dads, babies and grandmas were out bbq-ing, dancing, running, laughing, playing cards or dominoes next to their loud boom boxes (yes there were boom boxes out ) and just so carefree for at least a few hours out of the day.
ahhhh memories :)
After walking through the park and back in time I found the location of Summer Stage and watched Dance Iquail's performances.
My third First of the day: Watching Dance Iquail perform.
This was also the First time I enjoyed Summer Stage at another local other than the main stage in Central Park.
One thing that I appreciate about dance is the story and the message that is expressed through the carefully controlled fluid motions of the dancers. My daughter was bugging to go play because that's what all the other kids her age were doing but I didn't let her. Why? because she can do that anytime and watching the arts in motion is more important, to me at least. Unfortunately the sun was going down and since I had no idea how to get back to the 4 train station from where I was and didn't want to be lost at night we left early. However, the performances were wonderful and bought analytical thinking to a higher level for me.
And as we walked towards the bus stop I noticed something that made me smile, my daughter was dancing just like the dancers on stage were! Turns out making her sit and watch the show is and will be the best choice from here on out.
Yesterday like all days was a greatd day!
Total First for July 2nd: 3!
  • Free MTA shuttle bus
  • Going to Saint Mary's Park
  • Seeing Dance Iquail
  • Going to Summer Stage in the Bronx
Thank you for reading!

July 1st: 7Days

My First for July 1st isn't that exciting... sorry. However it was an excellent day! My daughter, Shanika and myself went over to the New York City Aquarium and walked along the Coney Island Boardwalk. This was my Shainka's First time at Coney Island! WHoo hooo!! I don't know why I tried to make that exciting lol.
After we walked around the aquarium and were all marine animaled out we went over to the boardwalk and while we were out there these men were passing out samples of a new breakfast danish, 7 Days. Shanika and I both took one and as we watched Leilani play on the playground we decided to try the breakfast danish. It was, sorry to say it, repulsive. I mean the concept is a pretty cool one. It is a croissant with a filling, the one that Shanika and I got was vanilla filling and it was just horrible. The filling was probably as close to being real vanilla as the sand on the beach was and the croissant was too sweet and too un-croissant like.
Sorry guys but I will not be a future 7 "day-er"

At your own risk
That was my First for the day trying 7 Days Breakfast danish.
Total First: 1!
Thank you for reading :)