Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 20th=6!

I don't like to bulk blogging too much so I'm going to try my best and break down the days accurately.
July 20th.

A little geography lesson:
Michigan is made up of two peninsulas, the upper and the lower, and they are made peninsulas by the five great lakes that surround them; Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan and Lake Erie.

On this day we began  our drive to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Even though I lived in Michigan for several years I had never been to the Upper Peninsula so this was the First First of the day. Leysis, Leilani and I were in the same car an I think Leilani learned from our past family road trip from Florida to Michigan to just sleep as much as possible because thats all she did.
I like being with Leysis because we don't talk ALL the time but it seems like our moments of silence are just enough, I don't know about her, but leave me feeling like we've spent hours together. :) Ok enough with the mushy stuff.

The ride, since I didn't drive, was about 7.5 hours and surprisingly didn't feel too treacherous.
In order to get to the Upper Peninsula you need to cross over Mackinac Bridge and as you may have guessed this was my second First of the day. I got some great pictures and even saw men working on the highest point of the bridge which was crazy to see!
The ride over the bridge also provided me with my third First of the day: seeing lake Huron for the First time!
After crossing the bridge we got some great scenic shots of Lake Michigan!
We had to stop at a gas station to get some gas and were very surprised to see that there was no spot to put in a credit card to pay for the gas. I remember Leysis saying "What kind of place is this!?", sarcastically before we walked inside to pre pay for our gas and then when got inside we were thrown back again when the women looked at us like we were crazy and said " You pay AFTER you pump." I have this this inability to keep my mouth closed when it comes to saying inappropriate things and said "Oh! You guys run on an honor system! We'll have to hit you guys up on our way back out! "
After leaving the time machine gas station we kept driving and then arrived to Marquette, Michigan Tourist Park.
This was the First time I had been to Marquette Michigan and the First time being at the Tourist Park.
Our mother arranged for us to arrive to the tourist park a few days early before the music festival began to camp a bit and see the festival grow right before our eyes.
Being the "spoiled city slickers" that we are we rode into town for dinner at The Wild Rover, an Irish pub. The food was very good and their fries were good too. I'm not much of a fry person so for me to say that is kinda a big deal, to me at least. I don't even eat Checker fries that much, I think their really good and I'll order a small value fry but only eat like 5.
The above First bring my grand Total of First for the day to 6!
Thank you for reading! and there are many more to come this was just the First day of camping.

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