Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 8th: Google+ and Wale

Yesterday I really wanted to head over to another bridge for the First time however, I gave my father my unlimited metro card so I was stuck. When my father finally got home it began to thunderstorm so going to a new bridge was not going to happen.
However one of my tweeps, Twitter friends, invited me to join Google+.
So my First was joining and using Google+.
I think that concept is a good one and i'm anxious to see what they change, add and improve. Its also kinda scary that Google had my resume and several other things that i've done on the internet. Just goes to show you that once its up its up.
My second First was listening to Wale. I have had many friends talking about Wale and how he is a great artist and how real his music is. So yesterday I finally checked him out and he's pretty good. I only listened to two songs but they were good and i'll definitely check him out again.
If you have any artist, in all art forms i.e-photography, performers ect, that you think are good let me know I like to check out new artist. :)
Once again thank you for reading. Don't be a stranger leave a comment or subscribe :)
Total First for July 8th: 2!

  • Google +
  • Wale
Thanks for reading.

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