Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 15th: Rockford

I arrived in Michigan with my daughter a few hours late due to Delta's ability to always be late. However, I was greeted by one of my lovely sisters, Leysis and we were off to her house for a bit. After arriving at her home and me walking around and looking at everything we left to go to our mom's house in Rockford.
This was my First for the day, going to Rockford.
First off its the WOODS! lol but it wasn't too bad. 
Total First for July 15th: 1!
  • going to Rockford, Michigan 
O0oo00h! I forgot that this was also the day that I was ABRUPTLY told that my dog, Mica, was DEAD! I was literally walking up to the door telling my daughter about the beautiful big white dog that would be inside when my sister, Isabel, goes: "Hey, I don't know if Lillie(my other sister, yes I have a lot of sisters) told you but Mica is dead. SURPRISE!" Of course I didn't believe her one, because I always considered Mica a puppy and two, because of the way she told me so I proceeded to call Mica and of course she never came. It was pretty screwed up but Mica was 12/14 years old and a big dog so it was her time :'( 

Thank you for reading! :)

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