Monday, July 4, 2011

July 3rd: "Why did I get married too?"

So yesterday was a really laid back day which I think I needed so I had a laid back First.
I know that I'm really late but I watched Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too" for the First time.
And wouldn'tcha you know I cried like I always do on Perry's movies but I cried on this one because it was about love. The lack of it, how subjective it is, the abundance of it and the need to FORGIVE and to just love.
Sorry if you haven't watched it yet but I will spoil some of it if you keep reading.

First off the need to want to be loved is so strong that people don't know how to handle or deal with it. Often times people will settle for what they think is love because they want it so bad and then live  hollow lives.
The lack of effort that people put into relationships is also sad. We are often blinded by how blessed we are and don't realize that love is so rare and that when we have it we take advantage of it. Don't let pride or a dispute ruin a relationship that you may not be able to get back. Throughout the movie Patricia, played by Janet Jackson and her husband Gavin were going through a horrible divorce after 14 years of marriage. There was so much hurt and resentment on both sides and in the end it was Patricia going to Gavin's office and humiliating him that ended his life by a car accident, as he sped out of the parking lot trying to get away from her.
Life is so delicate and a prize. If you are or when you are in a dispute with a love one and have THOUGHT about apologizing (even if you are not at fault)just DO IT! You never know when that person maybe taken away from you.
Another thing that I'm trying to do in life is say I Love You every time I finish a conversation with a loved one. Why?, because that way you know the last thing you said to them.

Okay this is getting to emotional for me lol.
Total First for July 3rd: 1!

  • Watching "Why Did I Get Married Too!"
Thank you for reading :)
Oh and Janet Jackson's performance was great. 
Golf club scene.. lol 

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