Friday, July 8, 2011

July 7th: Free Yoga

Yesterday I really wanted to go to Bryant Park for the free yoga classes however as the time for me to leave got closer I realized my phone was dying. I didn't want to be in the city with my phone dead when my little sister would have my daughter so I didn't go.
I was also tired and laying in bed being a crabby bitch, sorry Bill, but I really wanted to do something and not just lay in bed and be short with everyone.
I began searching for a fitness class to go do. I remembered that the parks and recreation centers have free fitness classes for their Shape Up NYC and decided to check one out.
The one I found on such short notice was conveniently yoga :)
I hopped on the train and was on my way.
I had never been to the Asser Levy Recreation Center which is where the class was. So this was a First for the day.
Going to the Asser Levy Recreation Center.
The second First was taking a yoga class at an New York City recreation center.
The class was amazing and FREE! The instructor did a great job and her timing was perfect.
The only complaint is a personal one. When I do yoga I don't like to hear songs with lyrics in them and some of the songs had lyrics but I mean thats not a big deal.
I really enjoyed the class. The reason I like yoga so much is because it releases everything. The bad, the heavy, the unpleasant and leaves you feeling whole and empty, a good empty, at the same time. You just feel so light and less likely to jump down someone's throat.
If you haven't tried it you definitely should its a great stress reliever and a great work out.
The best part about the free classes is that anyone can take them.
When I got back home I was so much nicer and pleasant.
I will definitely being going back for yoga and other fitness classes, in fact I might go back today for Afro-Brazilian work out!
Total First for July 7th

  • Going to the Asser Levy Recreation Center 
  • Taking a yoga class at an NYC recreation center

Thank you for reading :)
Go try something for the First time! Its fun and can teach you about yourself.


  1. Nice post! Cool blog too!

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    If you want, follow it and I'll follow yours.

  2. I tried yoga for the first time on Thursday and I agree, it is a brilliant release for all negativity. It also made a nice change to the usual strenuous exercise I do so I'll definitely be keeping it up :)