Thursday, July 7, 2011

Water Hydrant at 11pm at night? I think so!

*Updated with pictures *
As I was walking home from dinner with my family my sister an I were thinking of a First to embark on when... I saw, what I call an New York City pool, an open fire hydrant!
I have never played in an open fire hydrant so.... I did!!
That was my First for the day, playing in a fire hydrant!
My daughter an I jumped in first and the water was COLD!! but it was very fun!
Then my sister jumped in an we all played for a bit. However, I got cold and became the party pooper because I was freezing and because I realized that it was 11pm at night. 
Total First for today:1!
  • Playing in the open fire hydrant
Get IN MOMMY! Wait

Its coooold :)

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  1. Ahaha, I would absolutely love to do this!!!! xx