Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The heat is -__-.

So today the heat was horrible. I don't care what anyone says summers in New York City, temperature wise, are a lot worst then Florida.
The combination of the heat and being up so late last night made me uncomfortable and not very productive.
I also realized that doing finding FREE exciting things that are air conditioned are hard to come by!
My First Fist of the day was joining Travel Dudes.com. Its a website that is for travelers by travelers!
My next First was bleaching my little sisters hair before dying it blue and of course I couldn't resist bleaching and dying a little strand of mine either so I DID!
I got the bleach on my sisters scalp and as she was reading the effects of having bleach on her scalp she JUMPED up and screamed GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! while running to the bathroom. So we washed it out to cam her nerves.
As I type this I am currently letting the blue color cook into my hair and SWEATING MY ____ off!
The blue is washed out and you can tell but I don't like it too much maybe because I did too small of a section.
Bleached hair 

Blue streak in my hair
Oh by the way I had to use my bare hands to help my little sister put the blue in her hair so my hands look like I delivered a baby Smurf! and now I'm going to have blue hands when I go to the Academic Advisement tomorrow.
Total First for today: 4!

  1. Joining Travel Dudes.com
  2. Bleaching my sister's hair and dying it blue
  3. Bleaching and dying my own hair blue
  4. DYING IN THE HEAT WHILE I TYPE!(Not really a First)
  5. Watching Kevin Hart as my hair cooked.
Thank you for reading! 

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