Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 31st:Enrolling into Kindergarten

If you may have no noticed by now I am an emotional mess when it comes to my daughter... going to school. Lol.
Being that New York City makes it virtually impossible to get your child into a kindergarten doesn't help and on top of that having her all the way in the Bronx while I'm in Manhattan isn't a settling feeling either. However, after calling numerous schools, visiting the office of enrollment, going through the "process" of "requesting" that she be placed in a school closer to were I WORK an go to SCHOOL, you know because that makes more sense, I kindly got a letter from the New York City Department of Education SEVEN days before school starting saying in short: Hell No.
The race was on to find a school for Leilani because of several reasons but the top two most important being that
  1. I told her I had a school for her, and 
  2. If she's not in school that means I'm not in school. Which means F__ !
Even though it was my official second day of classes and my school schedule was FULL for the day, I had to miss two classes and be up and at the school by 6:30AM to stand in line, to HOPE that I was one of the first 25 people in line to be able to enroll her into school.
Talking about a WONDERFUL, convenient system... NOT!
Luckily I was one of the select few to be there in time so she is now enrolled in school. BUT I learned that all the back to school clothing I bought her is now obsolete because her school requires uniforms. Lol.

My First for August 31st was enrolling my baby into Kindergarten! :*)
Time flies when you have a child! Lol 
Thank you for reading and MANIFEST POSITIVITY!

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