Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 29th: Odwalla and Luna

This was my FIRST day of class at Baruch!
I woke up extra early, got ready, woke up Leilani, fed her and got her ready, bought my unlimited metro card and we were off to the schools early child development center to drop her off. Since it was the day after Irene the subways had a bit of a delay so I was going to be late to class! Then I remembered that I didn't pack Leilani a lunch and had to stop and buy her one, which was going to make me even LATER! After stopping into an extremely expensive grocery store and spending a small fortune on yogurt, bananas, juice and a sandwich we were off, RACING, to the daycare center.
Imagine my surprise when I get to the center and one of the teachers informs me that class... were... canceled!
I felt like saying seriously?! WTF?.
The night before I was on the website and checked to see if classes were going to be canceled and it said NOTHING! UGH
On the BRIGHT side it was a beautiful day so we had lunch at Union Square park. Then we went for a walking tour of Gramercy Park, Greenwich village and the meat packing neighborhood!
So I tried Odwalla's Mango Tango juice for the First time!! That juice is AMAZING! It was soo good and thick and taste like real juice! Now the price.... was a too much but worth it so I guess it works.
Yummy (overpriced) Mango Tango

My other First of the day was trying the Luna bar flavor Vanilla Almond and it too was very good.

Another First of the day having a worksheet appointment with an academic adviser. The appointment was AWESOME the adviser helped me so much and  helped me put a lot of thing into perspective for me.
Total First of the day 3!

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