Friday, September 16, 2011

Indian Food, Veggie Lasgana

I made the decision to go vegetarian on the 26th of August. So far I have done well and I'm actually proud of how well I am settling into the meatless life style.
In an attempt to make my meals more diverse I made vegetarian lasagna for the First time. I must say it was delicious and I honestly didn't miss the meat at all!I used spinach, eggplant, squash, tomato and onions, with whole wheat noodles, and home stewed tomatoes!
Since going vegetarian I have been looking for more fun and exciting recipes to try. One of my favorite types of food is Indian food. I can't say one specific reason why I enjoy Indian food so much but I know several as to why. Even before making the change to a meatless lifestyle I enjoyed the flavors and the way Indian food is cooked. The other day I had a two hour break in the middle of my school day and decided to get some Indian food!
This is was the First time I had ever been to Curry in a Hurry in Murray Hill. The restaurant is two levels and has platters that allow you to sample different types of Indian food, the platters start at the low price of $10. I wanted to try something new and for the First time so I got vegetable biryani. The dish was delicious! The spices and flavors of the rice were top notch and the price was budget friendly! How can you argue with that? Vegetable Biryani is a rice dish cooked with vegetables and delicious spices... lol Once again I didn't even miss the meat. Then to continue on my First adventures I had a salty lassie. The salty lassie taste a lot like liquefied Greek yogurt and although I love Greek yogurt, I don't think I'd have the lassie again UNLESS it has some flavor to it. All in all I would go back to Curry in a Hurry, good food, great prices and in my schools neighborhood!

My first for this post are
  1. Making vegetarian lasagna
  2. Going to Curry in a Hurry
  3. Trying vegetable biryani
  4. Having a salty lassie
Thank you for reading and I would LOVE suggestions!

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