Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 1st: 7Days

My First for July 1st isn't that exciting... sorry. However it was an excellent day! My daughter, Shanika and myself went over to the New York City Aquarium and walked along the Coney Island Boardwalk. This was my Shainka's First time at Coney Island! WHoo hooo!! I don't know why I tried to make that exciting lol.
After we walked around the aquarium and were all marine animaled out we went over to the boardwalk and while we were out there these men were passing out samples of a new breakfast danish, 7 Days. Shanika and I both took one and as we watched Leilani play on the playground we decided to try the breakfast danish. It was, sorry to say it, repulsive. I mean the concept is a pretty cool one. It is a croissant with a filling, the one that Shanika and I got was vanilla filling and it was just horrible. The filling was probably as close to being real vanilla as the sand on the beach was and the croissant was too sweet and too un-croissant like.
Sorry guys but I will not be a future 7 "day-er"

At your own risk
That was my First for the day trying 7 Days Breakfast danish.
Total First: 1!
Thank you for reading :)

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